Whose dick have you seen?

Ken Jeong in The Hangover.

Most recently, Ben Affleck in Gone Girl.

Actual poontang is even rarer than dicks. Usually all they show is bush or fake bush merkins.

And Charles Napier in “Cherry, Harry & Raquel!”

Mark Wahlberg - Boogie Nights

I believe it was a prosthetic.

Are you sure? If it was there I didnt see it. Maybe a magnifying glass was needed.

Chyna in One Night in China :stuck_out_tongue:

Luke Perry, the Law and Order SVU dude Chris Meloni and the dude in those insurance commercials in Oz.

John Gielgud in Prosperos Books

IIRC, he did, but they then enhanced it, which embarrassed him somewhat.

All the ones I can think of are already mentioned in this thread. (Or, upon checking, prosthetics.) Or, you know, in porn. >_>

Pretty sure there was a flash of Steve Buscemi’s salami in Fargo, when Shep Proudfoot throws him across the room.

Terrence Howard in Get Rich or Die Tryin and Craig Wasson in Ghost Story are two guys who really should have kept their pants on…but gotta love em for their artistic integrity.

Yep, it was a faux phallus. Same goes for Kristian “Hodor” Nairn in Game of Thrones, though that show features a lot of genuine dongs.

Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover (during the end credits photo montage) may or may not have been fake.

Real ones:
Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator.
Charles Martin Smith in Never Cry Wolf.
Christian Slater in The Name of the Rose.
Alan Howard as “Her Lover” in The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover.

Angels and Insects, Douglas Henshall. They kind of had to make it crystal clear he was boffing who he was boffing.

ETA: Exactly when did Robert Loggia’s appear in AOAAG? I don’t even remember him being in it.

Er, yeah, very sure, and was that a racist comment?

Robert de Niro in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I am still traumatized.

Eva Green in The Dreamers.

Julianne Moore in Short Cuts. And yes, the curtains match the drapes.

Susan Blakely in Capone…Julianne Moore only showed pubic hair.

What are you talking about? I really didnt see anything…I thought that was the joke and ge was wearing some kind of gherkin.

I think you mean Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This is the first movie that comes to my mind. You expect to see maybe an occasional dick in the movie but not right at the very beginning in your face. :smack:

David Bowie’s, in The Man Who Fell To Earth.

unknown guys in The First Nudie Musical and Kentucky Fried Movie)