Poor frog

I stepped on a frog. Mr. Surro and I were taking the dog out in the dark and I stepped on something squishy and it “errped”. I began to wonder what it was until I saw “something” hopping away. I ran inside and got a flashlight and sure enough, Mr. frog was glaring at me. Lucky for me I had shoes on. Lucky for Mr. frog he ‘errped’ loud enough I didn’t demolish him. I weigh more than Mr. Frog, I think.

Anywho, Mr. frog appeared to be fine although a bit pissed off at the flashlight in his face and my constant “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry” over and over. I think I even saw him roll his little froggy eyes at me. That’s a bit rude if you ask me, but I’m going to extend him the courtesy of an eye-roll since I did step on him.

Maybe tomorrow night I should leave the dog walking to Mr. Surro.

At least he wasn’t hopping mad.

Maybe he was just a tad pissed.

He didn’t croak?

This happened to us recently.

We have a pet frog on our patio, Fred. We love Fred for catching bugs an all.

The other night I found Fred belly up in front of the door.

“OMG!! Who stepped on Fred !?!”

we thought he’d croaked.

luckily he hopped away. :slight_smile:

Something tells me those shoes weren’t open toad.

Thanks for the laughs. I never saw so many puns in all my life… LOL :smiley: