Poor Rachel, your Dad has passed away.

Ron Leibman, 82

Always liked him; had his name taken off the credits of, “Up the Academy.” Wonder why?

My favorite role of his was Esteban from Zorro the Gay Blade. I remember trying to watch Kaz as a kid and simply not being able to make heads or tails of it.

RIP, Ron.

Obligatory IMDb link.

Not very active since Friends except for voice work on Archer (Ron Cadillac).

Too bad about the Friends thing. He was in quite a few top notch films: Phar Lap, Norma Rae, etc. The Hot Rock is an under-appreciated film.

But for me he’ll always be the perfect ball of hate Paul Lazzaro from Slaughterhouse-Five.

Always a favorite of mine. I particularly liked him in Kaz, Norma Rae, and an early episode of Law & Order in which he played a corrupt mob lawyer.

So few people have seen that. Criminally underrated film.
Guards! Arrest EVERYBODY!!!


This sword, with which to fight injustice; this mask, which which to deceive tyranny; and this hat, which needs reblocking.

Zorro: You recognize that famous sign?

Peasant: Oh yes senor, it is the number two.

Zorro: It is not the number two! It is a Z! A Z for Zorro!