Silly question(s) about Escape from New York

I never actually saw it all the way through, but I happened to catch some of EFNY recently on TV and was delighted by this wonderfully cheddar-enriched exchange between Kurt Russell and Harry Dean Stanton:

I’m glad you remember me. Yeah. A man should remember his past. Kansas City, four years ago. You ran out on me. You left me sitting there.

You were late.

We were buddies, Harold. You, me, Fresno Bob. (Dramatic pause) You know what they did to Bob?

Okay- could someone tell me
A.) If reference is ever made to Fresno Bob again (I’m assuming we never specifically find out What Happened to Fresno Bob, but any additional reference?)
B.) What becomes of Brain in the movie? (I guess spoiler tags would be in order for that one.)

I just can’t bring myself to put Escape from New York in my Netflix queue just to scratch this ridiculous yet insufferable itch of curiosity about these two characters.
Ah, Fresno Bob. Your song was over much too soon.

A. I don’t think he was ever mentioned again. Maybe in Escape from LA, but I can’t remember much of that movie.

  1. Brain dies crosses the bridge to escape

I’d suggest netflixing it. It’s quite a fun movie. Cheesy but fun.

Just don’t get “Escape from LA” by mistake.

Thanks. I do like cheese and I do like fun (what an inane statement), but for some reason I’ve just never been able to sit through EFNY. Personal quirk, I guess.

Fresno Bob, though. Best character name ev-er, almost Damon Runyon worthy. The fact that he remains a cipher only makes it better!

EFNY is on the list of movies, like The Matrix, where it’s best to pretend there were never sequels.

Just wait for the inevitable Escape from Philadelphia, the action-starved Escape from Cleveland, and the positively bucolic Escape from Omaha.

I’m waiting for Escape from Phoenix…there are no bad guys chasing Snake and no containment walls or earthquake created moats; it’s just that the scenery keeps repeating itself over and over, no matter how fast or far he goes. “Look, there’s a Chevon, a Starbucks, and a Bed, Bath & Beyond. Look, there’s another Chevon, a Starbucks, and a Bed, Bath & Beyond. Hey, what’s that over there? Another Chevon, a Starbucks, and a Bed, Bath & Beyond. How the bleep do you get out of this place?”


For a minute there I thought you were talking about Austin, but then I realized that you didn’t mention Home Depot.

The sequel had some bad moments, but all in all I can’t honestly say it was worse than the predecessor as a movie. The real thing is that the EFLA was a lot less appropriate for the time it came out in than EFNY, and lost a lot of the cutting action byt making it less realistic.

Watch the credits closely. I’ve heard (and I know whats that worth) that there is a ‘Fresno Bob’ credited. I’ve never remembered to look for it myself. I couldn’t verify it with, but there was an excluded scene showing Snake robbing a bank and getting caught, which led to his being sent to NY. Fresno Bob was supposedly killed during this scene. If this is the case, why is Snake blaming Brain for it, after 4 years? Maybe they did something non-fatal to bob in Kansas City.

Hey, I liked the sequel, particularly the Michelle Forbes parts. And Bruce Campbell, Steve Buscemi and Pam Grier were in it. What’s not to like?

Dude, that’s not Austin, that’s Round Rock…

Actually, Escape from Omaha, starring Julie Andrews as Snake Pliskin, was the first in the series.

It didn’t get a lot of promotion.

The final movie of the series would be EEscape from Detroit. Snake Blisken is dropped off in downtown Detroit and killed 30 seconds later.

End of movie.

This amusing hijack has inspired me to spin it off into its own thread. See here.

I just checked the DVD, and there’s no mention of Fresno Bob anywhere in the credits, not as a character or even as the dolly grip. There are, however, such memorable characters as “punk”, “bum”, “drunk”, and “slag”.

To the OP: You really should put it on your NetFlix list and watch it. It’s a great movie. Really.

Especially Adrienne Barbeau. Holy smoke…

Thanks, ** Lizard King** and Roadfood, for the [FONT=Impact]Fresno Bob[/FONT] follow-up. One misty morning perhaps we’ll find out what happened in Kansas City.

I’m jes so happy one of my bonehead questions indirectly bore a spinoff thread. : B

Thanks for doing the legwork on that one, Roadfood. I’d always meant to, myself. More Ignorance fought.

My pleasure, it’s one of my favorite movies. After I put in the DVD to check the credits, I decided to watch it again. Personally, I think it’s a movie that stands the test of time, if you just ignore the specific dates mentioned at the beginning.

And to the OP: since you like the name “Fresno Bob” so much, you might be interested to know that there’s a rock group (really just one guy, by the looks of it) using that name. It’s kind of amatuerish hard guitar rock.