Pop-up problem

I have an unsoliticted pop-up from Real Player that has no exit button, does not show up on the task bar and does not show up on the task list. I rebooted and as a few minutes after I ran IE, it suddenly showed up again. After this, I would not use a piece of Real Player software if they offered to pay me. But is there any way of getting rid of this unwanted visitor? I was, BTW, able to move it to a place off the screen, but I still don’t like the idea that a complete stranger can do this.

I am using a cable modem and running Win98.

You can try to close it using ALT+F4 and then try to find one of those adkill programs that prevents pop-ups. If you do an SDMB search on pop-ups, you’ll probably find some good adkill programs that are recommended by other Dopers.

Download & install this popup killer (best I’ve seen).

Then download & install (and run) Ad-Aware. It may stop the RealPlayer thing from loading on Windows startup.

Thank you, Hail Ants. I installed Free Surf and it seems to be working.