Popcorn Toppings

Doubtless there have been threads similar to this in the past. Nevertheless, I feel I must seek confirmation that my family is weird.

My father introduced to me Brewer’s Yeast, as a topping when I was younger. Naturally, I was disgusted and horrified whenever he would do it or want to share with me. Now, I almost always put a bit on (doesn’t go well with kettle corn).

It seems quite natural to use cheese, melted butter, and now, BaconSalt as toppings. So, what odd toppings do you put on your popcorn?

If I am alone (because my husband and kid won’t touch the stuff), I pour popcorn in a paper grocery bag and shake it with Worcestershire sauce and parmesan cheese.

Butter and salt.

I’m reserving final judgment on Bacon Salt, but that’s the answer.

Cheese is an acceptable second place, but it’s an abnormally distant second.

Butter and salt
Cinnamon and sugar
Brewers Yeast

hmmm…Bacon Salt? :slight_smile:

Thread about BaconSalt.

I had a roommate that would put seasonings on popcorn, and it was pretty good. I could never remember what he used, though. Maybe just a basic “Greek Seasoning” or “Italian Seasoning”? I know it was a fairly common herb/spice mix, but one I didn’t happen to have in my kitchen stuff. Darn it, I wish I could recall, now. It might have been a slightly more exotic herb/spice.

Hm. I might have to experiment. Try Greek seasoning.

If we air-pop, we use a little butter, salt, pepper, chili powder and garlic powder. If we pop with olive oil in a pot, we use the seasonings but no butter.

Parmesan cheeze (speeling intentional) and seasoned salt.
For extra sodiumy goodness, try ramen flavor packets

I also air pop. While I have put on bacon grease, I now tend to use spray grease.


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Mmmmmm…I use a little butter and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Heaven! But I never thought of Worcestershire before. Does it provide enough stick to the popcorn without butter? 'Cause if I could do a lowfat Parmey Pop, I’d be one happy gal.

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt is quite good. Garlic salt, onion powder/flakes, oregano, and parsely is good. Grated sharp cheddar is excellent. Garlic salt, chili powder, and oregano is also tastey. There is a Mrs. Dash type spice blend that is really nice on popcorn too. Lemon pepper and garlic salt is good also.

Dang, all of these things sound so good (especially that Worcestershire sauce, I’ll have to try that soon)!

I did forget to mention that I often use excess salt that I get from Red Robin (that comes with their fries). That’s some good salt.

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I’ve used powdered kelp instead of salt on popcorn for decades.
It plays well with butter.

Lately I’ve been eschewing the hot-air popper in favor of the stove because our hot-air popper isn’t very efficient. The oil I use is a mix of peanut & olive at about a 3:1 ratio. The popcorn gets topped with a combination of Parmesan Herb and Garlic Pepper, both from McCormick’s.

I used to add a tablespoon or two of peanut butter to melted butter, and drizzle that over popcorn.

Or sprinkle Kool-Aid powder over it, which offers a variety of flavors. (Strawberry popcorn, anyone?)

Why yes, I was about 12 at the time, but it was still pretty good.

Weird, thought I posted here already.

Add a small amount of olive oil to air popped popcporn, just enough to very lightly coat. Sprinkle nutritional yeast, a bit of salt, and paprika. Mmm.

Finally! After all of these years! An area where I am truly an expert.

Garlic powder or salt is the bases for all other embellishments. After that, you might add grated cheese or chili powder (or cayenne), followed by cumin or tumeric or whatever. The best part is that you can add whatever you want, and it still tastes great!

Bolding mine

OK, you win.

How did you ‘melt’ peanut butter, though? I’ve never tried that but I can’t picture it getting any less viscous.