Popsicle products

Two questions on “old” POPSICLE products. In the 60s there was a DREAMSICLE & a CREAMSICLE. What’s the difference. It’s NOT the flavor/color. Old ads show both in orange. Second, can you still get ROOT BEER popsicles?

The only place in Southern California that I’ve been able to find rootbeer and banana popsicles on a regular basis is at almost any drive-thru dairy. They come in plain brown boxes and our family has been buying them that way since the 60s. One of the pleasures of having a sore throat when I was a kid was all the rootbeer and banana popsicles I wanted.

I think CREAMSICLES had ice cream in the middle but DREAMSICLES had ice milk.

I’ve also heard the ice cream/ice milk distinction.

On a related note, does anyone remember something called a “sidewalk sundae”? It was vanilla ice cream inside a chocolate shell, but at the very center was cherry flavored ice cream.

Gilligan, you’re right. Cecil answered this in one of his books.

I remember “sidewalk sundaes”. I recall a chocolate-fudge center rather than cherry, though.

Of course you can still get root beer popsicles. Fill a Dixie cup with root beer, stick a spoon or something in it, and leave it in the freezer for a few hours. Sheesh.

Torq, Papa - You’re both right. Sidewalk sundaes had two varieties, cherry center and chocolate-fudge center. Can’t imagine though why anyone would choose the cherry center when chocolate-fudge was an option. The king of cheap frozen dairy and imitation chocolate desserts is and will ever be the “Choco Taco”. Ahhh, memories!

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Screw you all, I want a Fudgsicle :wink:

All Hail Unca Cecil, or the next best thing available!

I want the ice cream, or maybe ice milk, that I got at Shea Stadium when I was a kid (in the seventies). A shallow cardboard cup, one half vanilla, one half chocolate (not two hemispheres, but a yin-yang symbol), and a wooden paddle to eat it with. Mr. Rilch makes fun of me for craving this, but memories are memories.

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Oh, wow, nostalgia time. Waaaaay back when I was a little kid in the early eighties, my dad used to stop to buy milk at a place called, IIRC, ‘Dolly Madison’s.’ They gave out free white paper, no-name, double-stick popsicles with every gallon, I think. At any rate, I remember digging in the freezers, looking for the rootbeers.