What's the diff between a Creamsicle and a Dreamsicle

This is an old question 1st posted Nov 75…but not fully answered.

As a kid we always had Dreamsicles…now all i see are Creamsicles, they look and taste the same, but diff name…the question is why.

Creamsicles are orange or raspberry sherbet and ice cream; Dreamsicles were orange sherbet and ice milk. I’m assuming that Dreamsicles are no longer made, since I couldn’t find any mention of them on the Popsicle website.

The Master speaks.


I found some on sale about 10 years ago, though at this point I can’t remember where. With the modern tendency to encourage low-fat foods, including treats, IMO the Popsicle people are really missing a bet by not promoting the heck out of Dreamsicles.

Polycarp (longstanding Dreamsicle fan)

The 1938 Dreamsicle trademark has expired. the 1979 and 82 trademarks on dreamsicle for various frozen confections have been cancelled. Dippin’ Dots, Inc., whoever they may be, filed for a dreamsicle trademark involving ice cream, flavored water ice, or frozen yogurt in 2004.

Dippin Dots.is that weird pelletized ice cream type stuff you can buy at ball games and other venues. IIRC it made with some kind of nitrogen or CO2 process and has to kept super cold.