Popularity of IE 5 on Mac

I’m looking to find the percentage of Mac users on the internet who use IE 5 (vs. Safari vs. Firefox vs. various versions of Netscape, etc). Does anyone have any idea where I might find it? I can find IE 5 usage overall, but lumping IE 5 for PC and IE 5 for Mac is rather misleading, since IE 5 for PC wasn’t as much of a ball of bugs as IE 5 for Mac.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine it’s a lot, since the general consensus in the Mac community is that IE for the Mac totally bites.

For whatever it’s worth, this Mac site says that, as of February 2005, Internet Explorer (of any flavor) counted for only 15% of their traffic. If you consider even half of that to be “Mac users at work being forced to use IE”, then you have a roughly 7% share for Mac/IE.