Pork Brains Cholesterol

Looking for something irelevant at work, I looked up “Pork Brains” Dave Barry had included a can of “Pork Brains in Milk Gravy” in his book Gift Guide to End All Gift Guides several years ago, and I was wondering if anyone had anything else on them (like – “do they still sell them?” For the life of me, I can’t imagine anyone know eating them. Not only is it “Pork Brains”, but it’s in “Milk Gravy”, whatever th heck that is.)
So I found this article, and along with it, a wonderful fact:


One can of Pork Brains contains 1,170% of the recommended dailt cholesterol intake!!!

So not only is it unspeakably gross, but it fantastically bad for you, too. This isn’t one of those gross foods that’s actually good for you, like Broccoli or Brussel Sprouts. I can actually feel good that I loathe this food. I haven’t felt this good since I found that insects are extremely high in fat!

They’d probably be pretty horrid from a tin. Offal’s a good choice in a good restaurant though - they tend to be be cheaper than many things and show the skill of the chef well. Lamb’s brains, veal liver and goat’s tripe are all things I’ve enjoyed recently. But you certainly want to make brains an occasional thing: they are packed with cholesterol.

My I’m going to die today breakfast would include brain patties (as well as laverbread, cockles, bacon, egg, black pudding etc).

Pork brains aren’t at all gross compared to milk gravy. I used to eat pig brains either breaded and fried on a sandwich or mixed with scrambled eggs. Incredibly filling.

Milk gravy. OTOH, is an invention of the devil. You make it by frying some bacon or sausage and after the meat is fried, you remove it and mix milk and flour into the pork drippings. You have to sift the flour into it and stir like hell. This stuff clots very quickly so you pour it over bisuits and scarf it down ASAP. It looks horrible, kind of clotted and clumpy and grey-ish colored.