Pork chops in the Crock-Pot?

I don’t have a crock pot, so I can’t give you any advice there, but you can broil the chops without too much hassle or time investment. They do need to be thawed first, but you can do that in a microwave. If it doesn’t have a defrost setting, just use 30% power (or low) for a few minutes. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, maybe some cayenne, oregano, and/or sage, and broil for around 8 minutes a side depending on thickness.

I guess I don’t have to tell you what we’re having for dinner tonight, huh?

Oh, and the raggae tune in my head has morphed into “Livin’ inna pork chop, yes it is!”

Don’t remember. Probably high.

Did you brown them first? Braising meats will normally produce tender tasty meals, but you also need to simmer them, not boil them. Five hours seems excessive; three is much more reasonable.

Nope, not really. It’s just a bonus.

Actually, my wife says she doesn’t like brown sugar, so I have to sneak it into the pot (of course, she always likes it better when I do that…I just can’t let her know that).

What you do is, make some with brown sugar and some without, then have a taste test. Once she picks the one with the sugar, you can tell her she likes the sugar better after all. And then run away when she assaults you for tricking her all this time.

This is actually the reason I’m alluding to in my post above about doing lean meats in a crock pot. The times I’ve done it, the texture is all wrong. Dry would probably be a good way to describe them, even though they’re swimming in sauce. Lean cuts just don’t have all that good connective tissue and collagen that makes them oh-so-tender-and-moist when exposed to a slow, wet cooking method.

edit: Browning is not going to do much to keep them moist, but it will make them tastier with the happy Malliard (or however you spell it) reaction going on.

That’s a very reasonable, rational solution. Which is why I’ll not be presenting it to my wife. :slight_smile:

I made a killer spaghetti sauce last weekend with meatballs, beef and pork chops that turned out very well. Now, it wasn’t in a crockpot, which I never use except to keep things warm at a dinner, but it was low-simmered on the stovetop for about 3 hours. The loin chops were braised whole and came out wonderfully. I left just a small strip of fat on the edge, and they were about 2 inches thick, so that may have helped a bit. Cutting up lean pork or other lean meats seems to create problems with texture.

Ever done ribs in a pressure cooker? I learned it from my dad, and he, unfortunately, called the recipe “Nigger ribs”. I hate that term, but I’m unfortunately left with it tatooed on my brain. I’ve only said it to my wife until now, and of course, she glares at me every time… but there you go.

Somebody can come up with a better name for that? HEY! How about “Pressure cooker ribs”? I think that works.

Anyway… same recipe. But it’s much more tender and takes less time.
Sorry for the dirty history.