A guitar; a Gameboy; a C64; two guys; Space Invaders samples; lowtech; lo-fi; micro; porn.

pornophonique is an 8-Bit rock band consisting of Kai Richter, who supplies vocals while either playing guitar or Commodore 64, and Felix Heuser, who plays Little Sound Disk Jockey on the Gameboy. Though German, all their songs, which are free for download at their website, are in English and are really quite good. I’m usually not a fan of chiptune music, but Sad Robot in particular is a great song and I have listened to it a lot since discovering them a few weeks ago.

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I picture two guys on a dirty street corner downtown. One with his guitar in his lap and a nearly empty hat in front of him; the other all covered in foil and wires, rocking out with a partially dismantled Casio keyboard hardwired to an old Sinclair ZX80.

Just fucking awesome.