Portal: Prelude

Too cool. An independent full-game mod with the Portal engine.


Coming Soon…

No Xbox live? :frowning:

Yes, I suppose an alternate thread title might be: “Why PC Gaming Is Still Better Than Console”.

Although I’m not up on the state of Xbox live… Any chance it’d get ported (zing!) by the community there? They let people design games right?

But i did read that valve is making a official prelude to portal…that should be on Xbox live…:slight_smile:

OH… How GLAD am I that I accidentally clicked on The Game Room instead of Cafe Society!

I usually skip over The Game Room.

I liked some of the puzzles they showed of in the trailer. Looks really promising.

Releasing Oct 10.

Awesome–thanks for the date! Portal is among my all-time favorite games (with Starcraft, Deus Ex, and Master of Orion); I am thrilled by the idea of more gameplay.