Portland Dopefest pics are up!

As planned here, now seen here. :slight_smile:

What? No shots of the strip Monopoly game?

Sorry. A huge whitish glob on the lens messed up those pictures. :wink:

Shucks, who forgot to take a picture of AudreyK, easily the most charming attendee?

(apparently TVGuy and I went to the same school of formalwear, though he rode up on a far cooler set of wheels)

Ok, so I thought AudreyK told me she was in Hawaii. Did you travel to Portland for this fest, or was it just a fib? Nice pics, but two questions:

  1. Does Portland really have a Chinatown? I must have missed it.
  2. Is that really the name of that Chop Suey restaurant? It’s a joke, right.

Finally, an observation: everytime I meet/see a pic of a Moderator, I’m disappointed that they are not a cartoon character or at least a caricature.

Well, at least Czarcasm had a czarcastic look on his face…

Hometownboy, what can I say? I’m a camera-shy photographer. :slight_smile:

ShibbOleth: I am from Hawaii, but I no longer live there. I moved away, to Washington state, last May. Sorry for the confusion.

  1. Portland does indeed have a Chinatown. It’s just north of downtown. You probably missed it because it’s quite tiny. If we saw the whole of it, I don’t think it was much bigger than four square blocks.

  2. The sign is real, and other than being cropped, the photo was not altered in any way. We passed it as we were searching for a dim sum restaurant. I’m 99% sure that it’s a joke, as there were a couple of adult magazine shops nearby. I’m not even positive there was an actual restaurant to go along with it.

Ethilrist :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pics, Audrey!

And Hung Far Low is definitely a real restaurant. It’s been around for a long time, and I’m not even sure the name was originally a joke. It’s a perfectly ordinary, somewhat seedy Chinese restaurant inside.

I would like to know who blocked out the “tails” portion of “Cocktails” at the bottom of the sign.

Grace, indeed.

I used to eat at Hung Far Low as a kid, but it wasn’t as seedy in those days. Of course then, I wasn’t quite sure why my parents would give one another a sidelong glance when they suggested we go there for dinner.

I wonder if there are any English restaurant names that give Chinese people the giggles?

What - This old thing? It’s just my bike. :slight_smile:

(and man, do I have to lose three or four chins… ouch.)

Which one modeled for the SDMB mug?

Meanwhile, y’all don’t look like people who would show up in the pit! Y’all look pleasant. Would you mind having the next Portland Dopefest in the South? There is a Portland about twenty miles from here…


I miss you guys.

Answer: we all did, and morphed it extensively in Photoshop to achieve the stunning results.

And thanks for the kind invitation. If I weren’t putting a kid through college, I might be able to afford to attend something that far away. And I’m sure it would be a hoot.

(Don’t let TVGuy go all aw, shucks about his two-wheeler. It is indeed one classy piece of machinery. At least it’s impressive to a guy who only ever owned a Vespa – and sold it to his brother two weeks later.)

You’re welcome, Ferrous. :slight_smile: