Portrait of Bush Supporters

I’m sure this topic has been addressed before, maybe once or twice :wink: , but thought people might find this Village Voice article interesting. Or repugnant, for any number of reasons.

Interesting. Amusing. Probably heavily edited. Its’ Michael Moore with a pen rather than a camera crew. I’m sure one could find a bunch of Democratic yahoos to make asses of themselves and write a story about it also, though the first guy was really freaking scary.

Wow they must have moved some really big rocks to find these people.

Just more examples of people who decide they are for one party, so the leader of that party must be honest and sincere and next in line for sainthood.

Either that, or they came to the SDMB, found a few messages from Brutus and Starving Artist, then rung 'em up.



'Bout what I’d expect in the Voice.

About Bush and the firecrackers/frogs…

No way that’s true, right?

Hmm. Sincere question, here: Kerry supporters never act that way?

I don’t think “never” comes into it; there’s a whacko in every crowd. But surely you’ve noticed that the general face on the right is one of pride and praise, while most people I’ve heard say they were gonna vote for Kerry say so resignedly, and acknowledge him as the lesser of two evils. In all the lefty stuff I read, I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone being as worshipful toward Kerry as so many people seem toward Bush.

That was a cogent and thoughtful post, Lissener. :slight_smile:

And the unfortunate thing is that a lot of folks are going to get from that that Kerry is less worthy, and not that Bush isn’t necessarily the Second Coming.

That’s because the people who support Bush view things in very black-and-white terms, as the Village Voice article demonstrates. They support Bush, ergo, Bush is perfect and flawless and worthy of their support. There is no room for dissention from this view; you could have videotapes of Bush cackling like a teenager over the Abu Girade prison scandal and it wouldn’t sway these folks one iota.

The people who support Kerry, on the other hand, are from Planet Earth. We know Kerry, despite his intelligence and courage, is only human; we know that as a President, he will have to negotiate and cooperate with a potentially hostile Congress to get things done. We know he’s going to disappoint us somewhere by proving to be a mere mortal, that he cannot move mountains with his bare hands, and cannot vaporize uncooperative Republicans with a zap of his heat vision.

Even so, 'tis far better to have a wise but fallible man as a leader than an idiot who believes he can do no wrong.

Does that help make things clear? :slight_smile:

Molly Ivins says a liberal is the kind of guy, you call him an idiot to his face, and he says “Well, you may have a point there…”

Read the article, largely agree with the general outlines of reaction as above, but think that the writer did a good job of humanizing. The sneer factor in the article was pretty low, given the subject matter and the clear inclination of the author. I’d give it three snaps and a Billy Bob “Check it out!”

I purposely said just “party” and not “Republican party” because yes, people of all parties are guilty of never seeing wrong in their candidates’ actions.

Can anyone tell me why I should believe that the people in the Voice article are representative of Bush supporters?


From here

Can’t help thinking Kerry’s people are missing a trick here - go to war with the wrong country and people just shrug, tell them frogs died and they’d be outraged

Hang around Great Debates and listen to the Bush supporters there. Some (though not all) of them exhibit the same idolatry of Bush as the folks in the Voice article do.

And some (though not all) of GD’s Bush supporters’ online personae are representative of RL Bush supporters? Seems to me that’s only a few people, who may or may not be posting in a manner entirely consistent with their meatspace beliefs.

I mean, I understand the point about Bush the man being more lionized than Kerrey the man, but I can find some truly loony Democrat Bush-haters, here and IRL, and know they aren’t particularly representative of Democrats.

As usual, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Read an occasional National Review or American Spectator. If you think conservatives are brimming over with enthusiasm over George W. Bush, you’re even less informed than I think you are.

Conservatives as a whole are voting for GWB reluctantly, because the alternative looks even worse.