POS Insigina HDTV!!!!!!!

Goddammit all to hell! I think my fucking tv just fried itself. I was sitting there watching Adult Swim and all of a sudden, it turns off. No red light, nothing. There’s no smoke, but it won’t come back on either. The front of the TV seems hot, but otherwise no signs of anything fried. It’s not a circuit trip, either.

God-fucking-damn it!!!. I don’t need this fucking shit right now. My POS computer needs an OS reinstall (I’m backing up data right now) because I can’t figure out why it keeps randomly BSODing and won’t go into standby. Now this fucking shit. I just bought the goddamn thing last year! I don’t leave it on all day. It’s not in a confined space. My apt is kept at 70 degrees constantly. There’s no fucking reason why this should happen.

I think I purchased the extend warranty. Now I just have to find the paperwork. Apparently, Insignia is a Best Buy brand, so maybe they’ll take extra pity on me (yeah, right). :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

And yes, I’m sure someone will be along any minute to remind me that there are kids with cancer, people dying around the world for lack of water, people shivering on the streets, and all that shit. Yeah, I know. I’m friends with the daughter of Salvation Army captains. My shit is nothing compared to all the suffering in the world.

But in my own little depressed, stressed, insignificant little world, I’m fucking pissed. I want to bash the damn thing in with a hammer right about now, so I suppose since I’m not doing that (and getting electrocuted in the process) I guess that’s progress.

Fuck Best Buy, fuck the Insignia brand. :mad:

Woot’s having a woot-off today. There’ve been quite a few HDTVs if you’re in the market.

If you did buy the warranty, Best Buy can sometimes track it so you don’t need to find the warranty paperwork. We just did that (also newish TV that went out), but I think it was tracked with our Reward Zone account, but it might have just been the credit card we used. Its worth a call before you spend too much time digging.

(Not necessarily a brand thing, ours is a Sony or a Panasonic. We’ve ha Insignia stuff that has held up really well.)

Thanks, Dangerosa. I’ll have to try my luck on that.

Munch, thanks for bringing Woot to my attention. I had never heard of this site before.

And their TVs still work! :mad:

I just had to replace an Insignia 26" HDTV that I had bought about three years ago. Sounds like about the same thing, too; I was watching something on my DVR, there was a crackle of static, and suddenly the picture and sound both went out. It also stopped responding to the remote. The on-set controls worked to turn it on and off, but as far as I could tell it wasn’t responding to any incoming signals. So I did a little online research, and yesterday I went to WalMart and bought a 37" Vizio.

I can also second the suggestion the Best Buy might be able to verify your warranty and purchase date using your credit card info. I’ve done that a time or two myself, as I’m terrible about filing paperwork where I can actually find it when I need it.

Well, stupid me didn’t purchase an extended warranty, apparently. So now I have someone from Geek Squad coming out on Monday to inspect the TV for $100. Part of me thinks that it’d be better just to buy a new one, once everything is said and done. The TV itself was under $700 when I bought it in December of 2008.

As much as the extended warranties are bad mouthed as a scam - products today are complex, prone to failure and the manufacturers don’t want long warranties on their books (you have to account for them as a liability - makes their financials look bad).

(Our TV turned out to be a board off the mainboard. The inside of TVs now look a LOT like the inside of my laptop).

Oh man. Consider it lesson learned. That Insignia stuff is total garbage. Best Buy’s house brand that is built by the cheapest bidder.
You bought the Daewoo of the TV world. Pony up the few extra bucks for a Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, Panasonic, etc. next time.

Keeping this in mind, would you bother to have Geek Squad fix it for over $100, or just trash it and start anew?

A lot of flat screen TV’s should be considered ‘disposable’. Many of the non-major brands have no repair network or spare parts inventory. In warranty, they may replace it. Out of warranty, you often end up chucking it. No manufacturer support and your local repair guy can’t get parts.

In these days of ‘the WalMart price wins’, things like reliability and warranty take a second seat to the purchase price.

This ‘Welcome to your disposable TV’ article is almost 3 years old, but still has valid points.

Funny that you mention LG - because they’re the ones that manufacture Insignia products.

That’s true, but you’re not getting an LG tv with an Insignia logo on it. LG builds it for them to be cheap, not to be LG quality. So if LG makes a run of parts and finds them not to be up to the quality specs desired for their sets they can just stick them in the Insignia models.

I have an Insignia TV (the LCD-32 or whatever it’s named) that suddenly lost the picture on me as well. It turned out to be right within the manufacturer’s warranty so I got it fixed for free. The Insignia’s had a one-year warranty, which may still be the case. Check to see if you’re within the time limit. Basically, the entire control board had to be replaced. There was one big unit in a box that was pulled out and replaced. I’m still not quite sure what exactly fried.

So it may be a fairly cheap repair if the parts are available. If you’re happy with the TV otherwise and don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a new one, I’d consider fixing it. Since that repair 18+ months ago, mine has worked fine.

I got LG to replace a Zenith-branded HDTV that popped out, even though it was well out of warranty. If you can confirm that LG actually made the TV, you can call their executive services line at 877-543-8325, but based on what I gather about their connection to Insignia (contracted manufacturers instead of owning the brand, as with Zentih) you probably won’t have much luck.

I should point out that the 26" Insignia that just died on me was a replacement for one which died on me three months after I’d purchased it. When I took it in they gave it a quick in-store check and then told me they’re have to send it to the repair center. About a week later they called to tell me that it wasn’t repairable, and I should come in to pick up a new one.