Positive Gun News of the Day

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“A 19-year-old Kenosha man has been charged with two felonies after prosecutors say he gave a gun to Kyle Rittenhouse, the suburban teen accused of killing two protesters during unrest in the southeastern Wisconsin city.
Dominick Black was charged with two counts of intentionally giving a dangerous weapon to a person under the age of 18, causing death.
On May 1, Black purchased a rifle at Ladysmith Ace Home Center using money he was given by Rittenhouse, according to a criminal complaint from the Kenosha County District Attorney. Prosecutors stated that Black was aware Rittenhouse was 17 years old and not legally able to purchase a firearm.”

How exactly is someone illegally furnishing a gun to an underage person “positive”?

Maybe the fact that he was charged with two felonies for doing it.

From yesterday in Lake City, Florida, a man armed with a shotgun attempted to break into a house, but fled after being shot by the homeowner, and was subsequently arrested. There were reportedly also children inside the house at the time of the attempted home invasion.

From Palo, Iowa, a news story from earlier this month, reporting on the legal follow up to something that happened this summer: The Linn County Attorney has ruled the fatal shooting of a man in August was justified. The deceased man first wrecked his car, then attempted to break into several houses, before finally breaking the window of a child’s bedroom and then breaking through the front door of that final house. At that point a resident of that house fired a single shot from a handgun, killing the intruder. A toxicology report showed that the deceased man had “amphetamine, cannabinoids, fentanyl, and methamphetamine” in his system.

On one level, the intruder was perhaps unable to control his own behavior at that point, and it’s unfortunate that he wound up dying. But, as the county attorney said

I usually do not make statements like this because they are rather facile and do not fully recognize the complexities of substance abuse, but the time to control his behavior would have been before he pumped all that shit into his body. Although he may not have been able to control his behavior later he is certainly accountable for it.

Oh, yeah, I definitely agree.

From Douglas County, Missouri, a rather oddly delayed story (the story was from yesterday, but is about things that happened nearly three weeks ago, on Halloween night). A man returned to a home he was renting and found three people had broken into the house. The resident of the house was able to detain the three would-be burglars at gunpoint until local law enforcement arrived to take them into custody.

From a couple of days ago in Mobile, Alabama, another case in which a homeowner with a gun was able to detain a burglar until police arrived. There were actually two reported burglars in this case; police were able to find and arrest the other themselves.

From a couple of weeks ago in Greeley, Colorado: The owner of a group home for people with disabilities shot and wounded a man who forced his way into the house and attacked the homeowner. A man who had been demanding money and pounding on the front door of the house had been told to leave the property, and the occupants of the house were calling the police, but when one of the home’s tenants arrived, the trespasser forced his way into the house. The intruder shoved the homeowner to the ground, causing him some injuries, at which point the homeowner drew his gun; when the intruder tried to seize the gun, the homeowner shot him. Fortunately neither man appears to have suffered any life threatening injuries. The intruder has since been charged with assault and burglary.

A very recent story (from earlier today) in Lynchburg, Virginia: Around 1:40 this morning two men knocked on the door of a house, then attacked a resident who answered the door and attempted to force their way into the house. The resident shot and injured both attackers, who have both been charged with breaking and entering and assault and battery.