Possible appearance by the Punisher in Captain America 3?

Apparently, the Russo Bros. have hinted that a certain maverick Marvel character was secretly involved behind the scenes in The Winter Soldier and will show up in Cap 3.

Hasn’t the “a very specific skill set” line become a media joke reference to Liam Neesom’s character in the Taken series?

There’s really nothing in there to even elude to the Punisher.

Wait, they’re saying it’s the same man and the same truck. To the Punisher, all vehicles are essentially disposable. (A fact best exemplified by the cover to Punisher War Journal #19.) He wouldn’t wreck a truck during a rescue, and then fix it for a second rescue. He’d abandon it, and steal a new one if he needed another truck. If it’s the same truck in both scenes, then it belongs to someone for whom driving a big rig is a defining character trait.

I think they’re teasing a US 1 movie.

I think they’re teasing a Civil War storyline for Cap 3.

Maybe Razorback?

Why not? Every other movie featuring The Punisher has been such a success!

Dare I hope Dolph Lundgren will be playing him?