Possible Throat Cancer

It’s funny (in a dark sense of the word) the way things in life work in this world. I developed an illness related to my smoking last night. Some type of infection, with fever, burning skin, severe malaise, fatigue, cough, and hyperventilating. I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory condition. The doctor said I may have a growth in my throat and I am concerned. That’s what killed my uncle Jimmy. Oh, and guess what they give me: Antibiotics, and…Promethazine DM, the drug that almost killed me that I wrote about on this forum…This time I really had a good experience with it though. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any throat cancer resources and how serious of a cancer it is.

It seems a little early yet to be going down a particular road. Has the doctor scheduled a biopsy of the growth? Fingers crossed for you.

P.S. If you haven’t tried them already, the nicotine patches are what enabled my father, a lifelong chain smoker, to quit. Good luck.

Best wishes. I believe there are several types of throat cancers, and some are much more treatable than others. And there are other types of lumps and bumps. Get a diagnosis before you panic.

You’re about 3 weeks premature on worrying about cancer. Right now, worry about scheduling the biopsy ASAP.

If indeed it is cancer, you’ll have plenty of time to read up on it once you know which sub-type, gradation, etc. If it isn’t cancer you’ll avoid a couple weeks of fruitless research.

One hopes you’ve scared yourself straight in any case. There is zero upside to smoking.

I’ve never smoked and don’t intend to, and it goes without saying that smoking is horrible for you. But of course there is an upside or no one would do it – it is a rapid, efficient way to feel immediately better.

I had throat cancer, squamous cell carcinoma of the right tonsil. Never smoked a day in my life. Treatment was five days a week radiation and five days a week chemo, concurrently for two months. It sucked. Couldn’t eat by mouth until three months after treatment. American Cancer Society has some good resources. Lots of things can be in the throat besides cancer. Talk to your doc and find out but until then don’t dwell on it yet. PM’s welcome.

Like most addictions, it just brings you back to equilibrium. It satisfies its own craving, a self-fulfilling need.