Possible to connect to a wifi network and then create my own sub-network?

My new studio space has free use of the building’s wifi network. (The network is locked, residents have the password.) I would like to be able to create a small network in my studio and then connect that network to the building’s wifi network. Is this possible?

Here’s the gear I already own:

Linksys WAP54G Wireless Access Point
Netgear RP614 Router
Netgear Fast Ethernet Switch FS605
1 printer with wifi + ethernet connections
3 computers with wifi + ethernet connections
1 computer with ethernet connection only

Simplest option is to probably buy one of these (or similar). A Wireless to Ethernet (W2E) adapter, like a wireless access point in reverse.


Program it up with the building wireless details by plugging it into one of your computers, then plug it into the broadband connection on your RP614 router.

Your router can then be set up in its usual fashion. Looks like you had this gear from a previous house/flat?

While setting up the W2E adapter it should tell you what channel and format (g or n) the building wireless is using. If is wireless g then you will want to set your Linksys Wireless Access Point (if you use it) to a channel as far from the building one as possible to minimize wireless interference.


Actually, looking at the specs for the Linksys you could put it in bridged mode, which sets it up as a wireless to ethernet device, and plug that into the broadband in port of your router.

2 possible problems.

  1. Your building wireless may be band n only, in which case it won’t work.
  2. If you then wanted your own internal wireless you would need to buy a new access point anyway.