Possible troll spotting?

I might be wrong, but in this thread Ogre claims to be a “'bama boy,” i.e., from Alabama - didn’t TheFadingOgreUrge also say he was from Alabama?

If it’s the same guy, I’m disappointed - not a very original new name. Kind of a give-away, if I’m right.

Then again, I could be wrong. Just wondering if anyone else saw it…


I think you’re wrong here, Exprix. From what I’ve seen from Ogre, he seems like a perfectly normal poster. The name is just a coincidence, I suppose.

Ya know Esprix, the best way to handle this would have been to notify a moderator or administrator. They’d have told you we were already aware of the name Ogre and there’s absolutely no indications that it belongs to the banned OgreFade. All you are going to accomplish with a thread like this is generate ill will. Next time please exercise your judgement.

Hmmm. Esprix, I can honestly say that I am not this previous troll about whom you are concerned. I have never heard of this person, either. If you will check my postings, you will see that (to the best of my knowledge) I have never behaved in a trollish manner, nor do I intend to. I like this message board qiute a bit, as it is the playground for some very intelligent, funny, and even kind people.

I have no intention of behaving in any manner that would brand me “troll.” If I take exception and post a flame, you may rest assured that it is for a good reason. I was present for the infamous British Invasion, and I also watched the slow, Springeresque train wreck involving wardensu, idnew, and rosiewolf. I despise trolls.

I’m good people. I promise.

infamous, huh? Was that the one I was accused of being in?

Alabama had a population of 4.3 million people (1995) and “bama boy” seems to a term in common use.

What are the odds that two people from Alabama might use “Ogre” in their user-name?

I did a quick search on “bama boy” and they seem to be everywhere.

What stunned me is that people actually emigrate into Alabama…

Just kidding on the emigration thang…

Umm, imagine that there is a correctly spelled “quite” in place of an ugly, misspelled abortion of a word in my previous post.

Ooo, now that we’re a Moderator we’re all uppity, ain’t we? Puh-lease - take a chill. Troll-spotting is as fun a pasttime as any 'round these parts, and I made it clear I could be wrong, which I obviously am.

Public Announcement: Ogre is not a troll, nor is he the latest reincarnation of any past trolls. Any implications on my part are invalid and hereby withdrawn.

After seeing your post in SqrlCub’s “Interesting Things About Your Username” thread, Ogre, I quickly realized my mistake, 'natch. :slight_smile: Good show.

Never mind. If a Pit mod would be kind enough to close this thread, thank you…


Yes, Biffer, that was the one you were accused, unjustly, of being in.

There were some pretty ugly posts on that thread. I noticed that you kept a level head, however.

Feynn, the correct word is immigrate into…
Sorry. :slight_smile: No offense, I just couldn’t resist. It does bother me when people act superior toward us dumb Southerners, though. Pax.

No problem, Esprix. Thank you.

Cheers Ogre! :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s me. I’m an uppity bitch. And don’t you forget it.


em·i·grate (m-grt)
v. intr. em·i·grat·ed, em·i·grat·ing, em·i·grates.

  To leave one country or region to settle in another.

im·mi·grate (m-grt)
v. im·mi·grat·ed, im·mi·grat·ing, im·mi·grates.
v. intr.

  To enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native.

Either word is correct you dumb ass pretentious southern “bama boy”.

Welcome to the Pit.

Ain’t no thang, Biffer!


Feynn, I do think Ogre is right on this one.

“To immigrate into Alabama”
“To emigrate from California to Alabama”

I think those are the correct uses of the verbs. But hey, I’m a furrener. I could be wrong.


Good point, you arrogant, self-serving, holier-than thou bottom feeder.

I concede your contention gracefully, you hammerheaded, worthless cretin.

Your exemplary exposition of the differences between emigrate and immigrate quite leaves me in awe. This doesn’t change for a second, however, the fact that if you were any dumber, I’d have to plant you and water you twice daily.

I believe we can now get started on a productive, civilized relationship based on logical discourse, you clammy, slime-filled sack of maggot-infested organic matter.

Glad to be here, in other words, and happy to meetcha.


Actually, depending on the point of view, I think Feynn is technically correct. It would be less awkward to just pair the word “immigrate” with the preposition “into,” in this case.

At the request of the OP, I’m going to close this thread.

However, I’m going to make a few words at the eulogy for this thread.
1.) Ogre, is, at this point, a fine member of this board and we see little connection between him and the former troll that went by OgreFade or whatnot.

2.) I wish to go on record stating that I’d prefer all suspicions regarding possible trolls and returned posters to be kept to e-mails to the moderators. Less ill-will all around, and besides, if the person you suspect is actually a returned troll, do you really want him to show up here with all of his sock puppets trying to defend himself? Didn’t think so.

For your information:

  1. Ogre is NOT “OgreFade.” Unless there’s been some incredibly big changes and I don’t see that going on.

  2. We need to give people the benefit of the doubt around here unless/until it is obvious that they’re up to no good. It’s a big ol’ world and there’s lots of folks in it, and duplications of screen names is not unusual.

  3. If you have suspicions one of our former problem children has returned in a new guise, all you have to do is send us email and we’ll investigate it. In fact, just found one today that would have escaped us for a little longer except we were tipped by a member of the Teeming Millions.

your humble TubaDiva