Possibly the best Swedish movie ever

Kung Fury is the name and it is simply put awesome. I kind of downloaded it by mistake, not knowing what it was, and my mind was blown. Didn’t realize it was a swedish production until close to the end.

Favorite quote from the movie: “Fuck! That’s a Laser-Raptor. I thought they went extinct thousands of years ago.”

Also, it is only 31 minutes long and I don’t think the producers mind if you d/l it.

We had a thread when it was still a Kickstarter project and then another when it was finally finished and released.

Awesome little flick, tho, no doubt.

Ah… thanks!

Just got so excited. I feel like I can’t rest until the whole world has seen this movie. For the first time in my life, I feel almost proud just to be Swedish. This was beautiful and brilliant.

Yeah! In your face, Bergman!

Is there a “Bork! Bork! Bork!” in there somewhere?

Bergman was an asshole and I am glad he is dead. Also, his movies are insanely over rated.

Three best movies out of Sweden (and obviously this is a SCIENTIFIC FACT and not an opinion):

  1. Kung Fury
  2. Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love)
  3. Kung Fury (yes, again, it is that good)

No but there is some very deep dialogue about mustaches in swedish, which will probably translate to “Bork! Bork! Bork!” in your mind. For the record, “Bork” is not an actual Swedish word, I think it may be Danish.

Do I have to read subtitles?

No. It’s in Engrish. I didn’t even realize it was a Swedish movie until near the end, when two famous Swedes turn up in the shape of two nazis discussing the aryan-ness of their mustaches.

A lot of great films have been coming out of that region of the world. I think there was another thread on Troll Hunter and Rare Exports.

I also enjoyed the TV series Danger 5 which was linked to in the second thread mentioned above.

IMO Troll Hunter is a better movie, but Kung Fury is more awesome.

I love his expression when he says “…Tank You…” (sic)

If you haven’t seen it, it’s only 30 minutes or so and free on YouTube. Well worth the investment. Also check out the music video starting David Hasselhoff.

Trollhunter is fun as well. Just not completely a comedy. And as a plus it’s an enjoyable example from a genre I normally hate (found footage and a little shaky cam).

How can it be very good without witches, giants and Deutchneyland?

It has all of those, only better. Instead of a boring old witch it has a dinosaur riding hot female Viking with a machine-gun. Beat that.