Post #400! I am thinking of changing my username.

I am thinking of being Lobsang or Lobsang Ludd because the first 3 letters of it are the same as mine. And His ‘ability’ matches my most frequently fantasised superpower - being able to control time. (Lobsang doesn’t just control it, but that’s too big a spoiler so I won’t mention it)

Question 1 - is it lame or is it wise to simply choose the name of a character as your alias in a message board?

Question 2 - Is Lobsang obscure enough? (are there many people knowledgable of Terry Pratchet?) I want to choose an obscure name so that people don’t just think “oh, he’s just a fan of TP and chose that well known name”. I want them to think “Hey, this guy’s name is slightly interesting. I wonder what it means”

Question 3 - Is it already taken [in the SDMB]?
I may not actually choose that name, It is a ‘working title’. The question still stands - is it lame to choose the name of a character from a book/film/etc…


In my opinion, yes. Yes it is.:wink:

Well I changed it. I know some may think it’s lame, but in my defence it is celebrative/symbolic of becoming a pratchet fan with “Thief of Time”.

And I didn’t greenlight the change (only asked if it was ok) but I am very greatful tube I appreciate you letting me have Lobsang and I will keep it that way for a long time. If not forever.

So. lobley has turned over a new leaf and become Lobsang

use the rest of this thread to have a chat if you’d like, everyone.