Post-'97 Ford F-150 Dopers: Have you mounted interior aftermarket stuff?

Specifically for any Doper with a '97 or later Ford F-150:

I have basically exhausted all of my searches on how to mount aftermarket stuff in my cab. Specifically, I want to mount a CB radio in my truck without overhauling the interior stuff in the truck itself. Basically, I’m left with:

[li]Leaving the CB radio on my passenger seat plugged into all it’s connections.[/li][li]Using velcro to mount the box to my dashboard, which would be beyond ugly[/li][li]Drilling holes into some curved plastic piece which would also be just as ugly.[/li][/list=1]

So, I’m kinda lost. Even if you haven’t mounted anything specific, you might generate ideas in my head that I could live with. I beseech you, give me ideas.

And just to ask, what sort of CB do you have?