Post a photo...of your FEET.

I didn’t want to hijack the other thread, and I though this might be fun.

On vacation last month

Tah dah!

I miss those red shoes. They got wrecked last summer after one too many rainy days.

It’s the only photo in my Flickr photostream to make it to Explore. Obviously, other people found the shoes pretty keen too.

Hawai’i 2007

Ahhh, Kickin’ up my feet on some rocks, overlooking Lake Michigan near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, in MI.

These are my feet. Ignore the messy desk please. I’m still moving into my dorm.

YaY for another picture thread. I am such a picture whore, just ask any poor soul on my livejournal.

My foot is on the left

Here are my feet. Notice the painful abrasions on them from when I wore cheap Payless sandals to the grocery store last Sunday. Damn cheap shoes- never again.

Wow- they look much shorter and fatter in this photo than they do in real life. You’d never guess they were a 9 1/2 Narrow, but they are.

Nobody’s going to be wanking to these, right? Oh well, just don’t tell me if you do.

Guatemalan self portrait
And this one should probably go in the TMI thread…

Runs with Scissors, those are some awesomely veiny feet!

Okay, blondebear, so why feet? Are you a sole reader? :wink:

I win.

Oh ew, dude, clean your screen! :wink:

You don’t have a MacBook, do you? :wink:

These might as well be my feet. They are covered in the same fur.

Oh, why not?

Me standing on broken coral, yes, walking around the beach hurt as much as it seems, on some tiny little island I paddled to near Koh Mak in the Gulf of Thailand; next time I’ll take some shoes.

Enough babbling, behold my 45s

I have no feet pics, but I do have a story about feet pics.

I went to my friend’s graduation (she was getting her PhD).

She gave her boyfriend a dinky little camera and asked me to take pics. He gave it to me.

We were in the nosebleed section. Neither the lens nor the flash would reach the stage. Besides, her dad had a nice camera, nice zoom lens and a seat down front.

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of peoples feet. Her friend’s feet at graduation. Her parent’s feet at graduation. You get the idea.

She was royally pissed. More at her boyfriend than at me. And her dad’s camera didn’t work.

Flash forward to their wedding. Throw-away cameras on the tables. Of course I *had *to get a pic of each table’s feet. This time she was amused. They sent me pics of their feet on the beach on their honeymoon.

Um… why? (Do I even want to know?)

At the pier in Daytona Beach, 2005. I helped a guy land this fish.

As close as you’ll get until you know me better.

Heh, no. Does it void the warranty if you don’t have a screen covered in fingerprints ‘n’ schmutz? :eek: It’s been awhile since I’ve actually read the agreement on anything from Apple (well, dangit, there are new ones every time I turn around!). :stuck_out_tongue:

And isn’t Doug the ol’ fashioned one, not even treating us to a naughty flash of ankle!

My feet.

It just works out that way. You can either be on constant wet wipe vigil or give up. I chose the latter.