Post Amazing Race Weavers??

We’ve just finished viewing the latest Amazing Race (Go Phil - he’s a kiwi you know!) and I have noticed that others felt the same irritation as me with the Weavers. I’m not religious but I’m pretty sure praying isn’t meant for trying to win $1million in a race and mama Weaver’s inability to learn anything about people, oh and that the children of a teacher don’t know that they speak French in Canada.
Anyway, I was wondering if there has been anything more from the family participants in the media - you know, like ‘what are they doing now’ type stuff?

I seem to remember reports that they were the only family who didn’t help out the Schroeders after Katrina.

Well, there’s the fact that when they went on the race or shortly thereafter, Ma Weaver got engaged, and has since remarried. I wonder how the fiance/new hubby enjoyed all her bemoaning her pathetic widowed status on national TV, while ignoring his existence?

Well, to be fair to Ma Weevil, she didn’t as I recall spend a lot of time talking about being widowed as much as she talked about her husband and the father of her children’s being dead. Even when she was demanding compassion, as at the go kart track, she said “my husband was killed” as opposed to “I’m a widow.” We also don’t know how much she might have talked about the poor sap who she suckered into marrying her that ended up edited out so as to preserve the family’s hook.

She sure played the “pity us, we’re a poor orphaned family” card a lot, though. It felt very staged, especially at the go-kart track. She just came across as willing to use her husband’s death at any opportunity if it would make things better for them, which really grated on me.

And, to be accurate, when someone says, “My husband was killed,” it usually suggests, “I’m a widow now.”