The Amazing Race...11/08/05

Yes! I always wanted to start one of these! 2 hours tonight

Looks like they do a whole heck of a lot of things tonight judging by the previews on commercials. Also the first post-WeeCarissa episode…

Who’s going out? Could be anyone, they all seem to be about the same strength level to me.

From the tv on-line preview thingie: *
You Look Ridiculous
Safety divers must rescue a racer who’s struggling to stay afloat during a challenge; a family must look on as one of their own takes an uncontrollable spin in a car.*

From the previews, it was Papa Paolo who was in trouble swimming. As much as I dislike that family, I hope he’s okay. (I don’t really dislike Dad, it’s the one son and the mom who really get on my nerves)
I wonder if something happens that gets them out of the race. maybe he has to get medical attention and has to drop out, or gets so far behind they’re eliminated?

I have two titles on my cable tv-preview thingy, and in addition to “You Look Ridiculous” the second one says, “I Don’t Roll With The Punches, I Punch” and also says: “Rivalry between two teams leads to a food fight.” That sounds interesting. I wonder if it’s part of a Roadblock or Detour or just while they’re eating a meal at the Pit Stop or while eating along the way.
I was looking for the TAR thread earlier and was going to start one, but had to run out. rockle usually starts them - are you out there, rockle? Here’s hoping she’s not lying dead somewhere. :wink:

Here I am! Since Ian is not standing next to me in a toga feeding me freshly peeled grapes and whispering sweet nothings in my ear (“motorcycle cop”) while assorted other Reality TV Boyfriends (and middleman) fan me and braid my hair and paint my toenails and stuff, I’m assuming I’m not dead – or at least I’m not in Heaven, anyway.

Sorry – I didn’t start the thread this week because I’m not going to be able to watch the episode until tomorrow, because I just can’t stay up until 11pm. I am an old woman, people, and I just can’t do it any more. But y’all can spoil me – I’ll be checking back in the morning to see what happened.

Here’s hoping it’s a great episode … of course you can expect my usual useless color commentary around this time tomorrow night. Please promise you won’t have too much fun without me! OK?

(OK, not that you asked or anything, but the real reason is that I have to be at work early tomorrow, and I need to get some sleep! It’s bad form when the candidates tell you that you’re a hot damn mess.)

I just thought of something - with two episodes tonight (and two episode titles), I wonder if the first episode is a NEL?
Isn’t that the case with the two-hour episodes? Or is it just a really, really long leg?

NOT USELESS! Your commentary is funny!
Where else can I expect to spit coffee out my nose at 8:00 a.m. every Wednesday morning?

Two episodes tonight? I went off to check on the CBS website to see what time they would be on, and according to the website it is only on for one hour tonight between NCIS and Close to Home. Is the website not current? It’s annoying if it is not. And it was already annoying since it also caused my computer to freeze,

Well, you’ll just have to wait until Thursday morning. Now eat your oatmeal, missy!

Mother Weevil says “let’s be friends,” and a nation collectively shudders.

Seriously, that was the creepiest moment ever. Was it DJ who asked on the cane ride if he was in Hell? No sweetie, Hell is being surrounded in the San Jose International Airport, surrounded by gasping Weevils.

Ha! Another racetrack. Obviously some of the producers really do think this is a Nascar nation…

Everything else about the family aside, somebody needs to tell Rebecca Weaver to put some damned pants on. She’s been wearing hot pants since Day One, it seems, and I’m sick of looking at her ass.

Mama Paolo’s giant panties! MY EYES!!!

The Weevils are just disgusting. How horrifyingly awful do you have to be, within minutes of someone’s trying to comfort you in what’s obviously a difficult situation, to pop off that you hate those people?

Um, why on earth would anyone bring TWO baseball caps on the Amazing Race?

The vision of the Paolos running to the mat like that … It’s going to take me quite some time to figure out whether that was something that will haunt me forever, or the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

I should never watch this show with my computer right in front of me.

First, the look on Ma Weevil’s face during the “I’m glad we’re different” speech by Hot Pants Weevil very much reminded me of Cruella de Vil.

Second, the big pause between “I don’t roll with the punches” and “I punch” was so obviously Little Linzie trying to figure out something to follow up with that I almost choked on my popcorn laughing.

Third, “We’re racing other cars” is, indeed, the dumbest thing I’ve heard said to a policeman since … no, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody say anything dumber to a policeman. I’ve almost got a Linz crush, but I still can’t figure out which is which.

Wow! The Weavers really are horrible people. Or, at least, the females are. I feel sorry for Rolly.

The first part of that was “they hate us because we’re different.” Uh, no, they hate you because you’re a pack of evil two-faced bitches who have so little awareness of how awful you are that it’s frightening. Hurling apple cores at other teams, continuing the “let’s make fun of the people who haul off our garbage” theme from last week, they’re just horrible.

Meg is the girl. As for the guys, I don’t really care which is which, just sign me up for a triple decker sandwich. Nick is the older, blonder, hotter one.

I don’t. He was right in there with the “retard” remarks and all the rest of the general Weevil nastiness.

And OK, what is with the double entendre fest tonight? The Linzes yapping about DJ’s “joystick between [his] legs”? One of the Housewives being told to put it between her legs and pump? Oh my.

On the ending of the first episode: Did the Paoloes just miscount the number of cars parked? That was just weird.

On the ending of the second episode: Shut up! Christians have pretty much been running things since Constatine. Stop making pious, *humble * Christians like my mother look bad. On a brighter note: they’re gone! The Paoloes are gone!

As a Cincinnati immigrant I’m glad that a “Who Dey!” yell made it in.

Okay, are the Weevils just totally freakin’ insane or what? How can anyone be so completely and totally oblivious to their own nasty rudeness and then turn around and complain that everyone else has no class? HOW!?

I so wanted to put my arms around their collective neck and just SQUEEZE when DramaPrincess Weevil was going on about how they’re the ONLY team trying to live a CHRISTIAN life and everyone else HATES them for it!!!


Or at least come in last in an elimination leg. Soon. Please.

(Oh, rockle…I think it’s time for a new edition of “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Rockle…” post. Really. Truly. Colon had NOTHING on these self-centered bitches. NOTHING!)

Oh, I guess I should mention that my hate for these people is so great that I almost cracked supervenusfreak’s kneecap when DramaPrincess said that, because my hand happened to be there and the reflex squeeze came pretty quick…

Someone’s worn that “Who Dey” shirt on pretty much every leg.

As much as I didn’t like the Paolos at first, they grew on me a bit. I was very up and down in my feelings for them. They ended on a bit of a down note. They knew they were out, I wish they’d just gotten through that last boat ride without calling each other stupid.

Just when you think the Weevils can’t get any more disgusting, up pops…Rebecca, was it? with her “we’re the only ones living a Christian life” bullshit. Poor little Weevils, out there all alone because all the people they call idiots and retards every five minutes have no class. Haaaaaate.