Post Any Concert You Like, Any Era, Any Genre of Music

May I please ask that we all only post one at a time. My idea for creating this thread was all the surprisingly good live music I have discovered during our lockdown.

My first selection is New Order live in Glastonberry

Pink Floyd (with David, without Roger), 1994, Pulse

The Doors at the Hollywood Bowl 1968

If you only watch one song, skip to the 21(ish) minute mark and watch Burning Down The House.
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense.

I can’t find this as a full concert (but I have it on VHS at home). This is Roger Waters, The Wall, Live in Berlin in 1990 (within a year of the wall coming down). The songs are sung by Roger, as well as a variety of others including Cyndi Lauper, Sinead O’Conner, Van Morrison, Albert Finney, Tim Curry, and a number of others.

EDIT: Scorpions (apparently) start you off with In The Flesh, hence the preview.

Somebody had mentioned that everyone should watch a certain Police concert. And it seems that my Chrome history doesn’t go that far back.

So let’s go with something newer.

ARMS Benefit, 1983

I caught the LA show. Mind-blowing.

All great concert films! I also like the Who’s movie “The Kids Are Alright” from 1979. It’s the Who before Keith Moon died.

Came out my freshman year of college and left quite an impression of what a rock band truly is supposed to be like.

Metallica at Nimes. I understand that people might not like this band but what criticism can they have about this concert?

its in various parts on youtube and the bbc’s streaming service and it was the bbc’s hyde park festival but look up the 2019 pet shop boys set everyone even people so ar back they couldn’t even see the big drive in movie screens that were put up sang along

I’d swear that this used to be all together on Youtube instead of broken into individual songs. (I have it on DVD–it loses a bit not experienced in Dolby Digital 5.1.)
Anyway, this is my favorite segment, the rest are there.

1of the finest, tightest bands in musical history - YouTube

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Concert in Prague, Czech Republic. This one blew me away!

Another truly great old school rock band was Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Live Rust is the classic live concert.

Because Mr. Young is very protective of his copyright I can’t find a good link to the concert itself that will post. But trust me, it’s worth looking up.

One of the greatest concert films ever. I’d venture to say every song from that concert is better than the studio version. Plus watching the concert, it looks like they’re all having a blast and a half.

I’ve just finished listening to the concert, it was excellent.

Thanks for posting this terentii.

Most of those songs are studio versions. The amount of post-concert “sweetening” in that film was absolutely phenomenal.

I know it was highly produced. Still, it was an awesome concert film with some terrific performances however live, or not, you consider it to be.

Oh, I love the concert. That version of “Burning Down the House” is definitive. I just have problems with them calling it “live.”

The Doors live in NYC 1-18-1970 audio only. This is fucking amazing. Its dynamic and powerful and very 60s. Love em or hate em how amazing would it have been to see Jim Morrison live.