Post Referencing

Anybody know how to make your link take you directly to a specific post, and not just the page?

For some reason the post number goes into the url twice, in this form: In preview this succesfully linked to Polycarp’s post.

Where are you guys grabbing the post ID# from? I was getting it from the “quote” button and from the view source option.

You can get the post ID number by “hovering” your mouse over the edit, quote, or IP Logged buttons at the bottom of the post. A URL for the link will show up at the bottom of your browser, ending with the post ID number.

As for why you put it in the URL twice, the first instance is an instruction to vB to bring up the thread containing that post (you can also use the normal thread ID for this), and the second instance is an instruction to your browser to go to the part of the page labelled “post12345”, which label vB conveniently provides right before the post of that number.

The problem with that is that the link may be too short to fit in the small space given to URLs there. How I get post numbers is to actually press the quote button. This gives the post number in the address bar. For instance, the URL for the page in which I am currently posting is

because the number of Chronos’ post is 1124266. If you click on this link, it will create a reply window with Chronos’ post quoted.

Thanks guys.

Every once in awhile I get the itch to upgrade my posting skills.:slight_smile: