Post-"upgrade" search function

It used to be that if you searched on a term and the search produce no hits, you could do another search right away. Now you have to wait 300 seconds as you would after a search-with-results. Why?!

Shouldn’t this be in ATMB?

I agree I’ve done a couple of useless searches and had to wait 300 seconds before I could have a second try. It is a little annoying to say the least.

My tinfoil beret theory is that they don’t want you searching for specific things. A search on a movie title or a topical keyword is fine-- but don’t go looking for a particular thread or a particular quote. That requires too many resources, slows down function and may bring up unpleasant memories.

Or it could be that they hate us and laugh their evil laughs as they imagine us mumbling 'one mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi. . ." for 20 minutes looking for monkey butlers.

I dare you to search for the word:


Nah, I got no questions, I just started the thread to bitch. (The “Why?!” was rhetorical.)

I’ve just thought of something.

This must be the only search function on the internet where it’s impossible to search for World Wide Web.

Jerry is a very important man, with many important things to do and important people to see. One must be patient with a man of his importance, as he must prioritize his time to first take care of that which is most important.

Obviously, that does not include fixing the SDMB.

Why do you have so much urgent searching, Mr. OP Searchy McSearch-search? Huh? Huh? :dubious: