Post your gender here!

Most of us are pretty up-front about this, but who really wants to ask someone “hey, are you a man or woman?” So I will start. For those who haven’t been to my website, I’m pretty obviously a guy.

Good question,
I though about it too.
Some name doesn’t say at all if they are
a female or male.

I’m a female.

Last time I checked, definitely female. Feel free to double check if you wish :wink:

Your list is running thin, eh? Looking for more women to add to it, I bet.

Male, if you didn’t already know that. :stuck_out_tongue:

With a name ike CalMeacham, it has to be Male

I am a woman. I could break out into singing right now but I’ll hold back and just swish my skirt around and make a dramatic Scarlett O’Hara exit:)

If the girl in the screen name doesn’t give it away, I am female.


Yeah, still a guy. Just wanted to make sure.

Woke up this morning and it looked so good out I thought I’d leave it out all day.


::peeks down tank top::

Female. I’m fairly certain. If not, I’ve got some mosquito bites here that could be fatal if they swell any more.:wink:

(I think any guy who would call himself little*bit probably has some severe self-esteem/body-image issues.)

human male.

y-chromosome on board here

…and hey, CanadianSue, how YOU doin:)…any peaking on my part would be for pure educational purposes…

To quote SanibelMan from chat: “Falcon is ALL lady.”

I was scrolling down and waiting for an “AAAAAAAAAUUUURGGHH! :: Pause :: Yep, still a guy.”

little*bit, why haven’t I seen any pictures of you yet? Maybe you need some help with those mosquito bites? Anything in the name of sex - er, science.

Carry on.

Presumably male.

Beagledave, working in a school, I firmly believe all shoudl be educated :wink:


Don’t be fooled by my name. If you have any doubts go check my pic on the ppl pages!

Mr Bear assures me I am most definitely all female. A bad pic of me is up on the people pages if anyone has any doubts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, ask Mr Bear, pipefitter, or VB, since they have actually seen me IRL. <great, now the rumors will start again!> :eek:

Both my kitten, Minx, and I are female (last time we checked, anyway). :slight_smile:

Please feel free to verify this for yourself if you need to :wink:

Male, at least I was when I woke up this morning, better go check again!

runs off to the bathroom

“The basis of optimism is sheer terror”
–Oscar Wilde