Post your neighbour stories here

Not my neighbor, but a friend’s neighbor:
Friend is particularly bad about yard care. His grass was always long, and the rabbits happily munched on a buffet of dandelions.
The neighbor (sharing part of the backyard property line) decides he is fed up with this, and sprays Roundup, or something similar, in a two foot wide line all down the property line, on my friend’s side. As expected, everything in that two foot wide swath dies. Guess what grows back in that now vacant patch? Not nice lush grass, but a variety of weeds.

Yes, my friend should have taken better care of his yard, but the neighbor was an idiot 1) for spraying the Roundup in the first place, and 2) for not foreseeing that outcome.

I’ll take a moment to dote on mom’s neighbor. I’ll call him Joe.

I live overseas and cannot be their to help with household projects. A new neighbor moved in next to mom and he is a few years my junior and just starting a family. He has stepped in and done far more than I ever could have. The dude has skills.

Joe felled some dead trees that were in danger of falling on mom’s house. He cut them up as firewood and shredded the little branches as mulch. Then he took the mulch around and laid a bed around the base of other trees in her yard covering where the grass was already mostly dead.

Joe gardens (more like farms his acre plus) and mom would put out a few plants each year but the deer usually got more than she did. This year Joe and mom agreed to share gardening space. He sowed a sacrificial garden down near the woods on the edge of his property giving that up easily to the deer. And then Joe did all the work to set up a large garden on mom’s land and built a fence and even topped that with netting to keep the deer and birds out. By the time I visit next month we should be harvesting some serious produce. And all mom has to contribute is the space that would have gone unused and some water as needed.

If Joe is out on his tractor to bushhog his property he will stop by mom’s to ask if it is ok that he mows her sizable property too so long as he has the tractor out. He was trimming limbs on his trees the other day and came around to lop off a low limb that had been troubling mom by hanging low and blocking her usual parking spot.

Joe has done more to help mom than anyone could ever expect of a neighbor. He refuses to take cash so mom has been buying the baby diapers for his little one. He won’t accept anything more. I feel lucky that she has such a great neighbor who will check in on her from time to time. So much better than the last neighbor who shot one of mom’s cats :eek: when it wandered into his yard.

This is not acceptable behaviour. :mad:

Johnny, I always thought you were an American. Now I see you using the spelling ‘neighbour’ several times in this thread. Is there something you should be telling us?

I am. It’s a habit of decades. Or sometimes my spell checker.

Guy down the street has fallen in love with a girl from Switzerland who visited his landlord. He’s talking about going to Switzerland, bringing her back, and marrying her. I’ve met her. She’s awesome, but I could tell she wasn’t the type who stays in one place too long. Neighbor said she broke up with her boyfriend because he was too controlling, and she now crashes on her friend’s couch. So, neighbor is looking to stay with her a couple of weeks while she’s crashing in somebody else’s house. Neighbor is a country boy and has never been out of the US before. As you might have guessed, he’s kind of gullible.

All I could think is that he’s going to be the new “controlling boyfriend” that she’ll dump, but kept that to myself. Besides, it’ll be good for him to get outside the US and see how people on the other side of the planet live. I can’t help but think he’ll call me up late at night to come pick him up from some drunk tank in Zurich.

Just to be sure, who won the 6th game of the 1939 World Series?

Trick question! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. You’re good. I’ll call INS back and tell them it was a false alarm.

When I first moved to Milwaukee, I was in a fairly cheap apartment on the fringe of being in a “bad neighborhood”. The building was a 4-plex, two apartments downstairs and two upstairs.

My downstairs neighbor was a sweetheart of an old woman, and she saved me a lot of money in the winter because she cranked her heat, and it kept my place toasty warm without having to pay for the heat!

The guys who lived across the hall from me were also great, because they were never home! They would pop in every now and then, and always seemed to be carrying large duffel bags. I thought it was strange, but had no desire to investigate further.

One day I open my interior hallway door just as the guy across the hall does the same, and I see inside their apartment for the first time. It is a literal warehouse of athletic shoes. Shoeboxes are stacked from floor to ceiling with small walkways to navigate the space.

Neighbor must have seen the look on my face, he says “Oh, hey, yeah we sell a lot of shoes!”. Not missing a beat I say “Great, what do you have in size 15s?”

I ended up buying quite a few pairs of shoes from them, at a substantial discount!

Years ago when we rented the Strange Little Green Starter Home, a next-door neighbor was an odd old bird who used to bring back large snakes from the banks of the Missouri River to prey on his resident rodent population. Mrs. J. (not a snake person) loved him for that.

Our neighbors on the other side were a Native American family who were quiet and never gave us any problem, despite the proliferation of deer skulls and assorted other parts in their yard, plus the occasional event where a family member would be carted into the house unconscious.

The upstairs neighbors are quite odd and at least one member of that family may be here illegally. They reportedly were acting very suspicious when the 2010 census taker visited.

When their kids were little, the kids were never downstairs unless they were going to or from somewhere. So the kids played above our heads in their condo, sometimes only supervised by the oldest boy. The youngest kids had a habit of tossing junk off their balcony and egged a SUV parked on the street. We reported the egging to the cops, who made the kids wash the SUV.

The family own their unit yet refuse to take care of it. The head of maintenance once told us their kitchen was covered in congealed grease, making it a haven for roaches. Our bathroom periodically has holes in the ceiling from issues with their plumbing. There’s currently a hole about 1½" in diameter right above our showerhead but whatever caused it is way too infrequent to track down. Bleach once dripped through there very late at night. The absolute worst was when their tub reportedly cracked and caused about a 2’ by 6" hole from the tub toward the door. Maintenance at first blamed the hole (then 1’ by 6") on the middle boy up there not closing the curtain when he showered. Their bathroom was in such bad shape that the condo association forced them to remodel on the association’s dime and jacked up their condo fee to cover the costs.

The family now has a broken balcony door; it’s so bad that whenever they move the door it sounds like their floor is getting ready to collapse! All that racket prompted us to ask the condo association to ask them to leave their door closed after 11 PM. They refuse to get the door fixed, even with the special deal the association brokered with a local window & door company for all owners.

Some years ago, I moved to California to go to college. Across the street from my apartment was a picturesque old adobe home. Large strings of red and yellow peppers hung drying on the porch, where a nice, friendly grandmotherly-type lady would sit on nice days. We’d wave and smile when we passed.

I began to notice that she had frequent visitors - prominent society folks, the mayor, police chief, etc. People with large, expensive cars. Actors. She seemed to be a prominent part of the community.

One day, she invited me over to meet her nieces. Drop-dead gorgeous nieces. Half a dozen of them or more, all of whom, apparently, had “just turned 18”.

OK, I was a bit naive. :o

“Post your neighbour stories here”

They spell “neighbour” like that in the Pacific Northwest?

I was thinking exactly the same thing. :smack:

See post #29.

That’s funny because a long time ago I was walking around the corner and started talking with a guy in front of his house who eventually told me he was Danzig of the band with the same name. As far as I could tell, it was true and he still lives there.

We “don’t fit in” in our neighborhood and really don’t look like we belong here. I guess some elements of your background always show through, and our service-worker, trucker, oilfield, Bubba-esque qualities are out of place among the surgeons and CEOs set. Due to this, we frequently are mistaken for the “help”. A few examples:

One neighbor stopped while I was repairing our fence, pointed to my house, and asked: “What is he paying you an hour? I need a good handyman.”

When arriving for a party at another neighbor’s, I was barred from entering the porte-cochere with the other guests and sent to the back (their staff thought we were part of the workers at the party).

We have a local marina for the neighborhood. While cleaning my boat another neighbor walked down the dock and told me to clean his when I was done. I pointed to my boat and said “I’m charging him $300, that OK?” When he agreed, I drug all my stuff over to his boat and made an extra 300 bucks. :wink:
I never get offended by this, and find it humorous. But I sometimes wonder if I’m the neighbor they tell stories about.

My neighbors do the same. I live in a townhouse, there are four of us in the row. We have a small patch of grass out front and a small backyard. Our one neighbor has a bit more because he lives in an end unit, but he took a bunch of the grass in back out and put in a patio. It amazes us because it literally takes him all day to do his grass.

We live in a very rural part of Ohio. The house closest to us was vacant for a while, and then an older couple bought it for $25K a couple of years ago. It’s a small, decrepit place on two acres. They also purchased 5 acres of woods adjacent to their property on land contract.

They turned the place into a mini-farm. Lots of pigs, goats, ducks, and dogs. It’s like a zoo over there. And we can smell it from here. :frowning:

The wife works a normal job. He is on disability, yet he spends all day, every day working the farm. This includes feeding the animals, shoveling manure, driving a front loader, and cutting grass. Oh, and according to the county website, they are delinquent on their property taxes. They have lived there 2.5 years and have paid a total of $100 in property taxes.

A couple days ago I was talking with the neighbor on the other side of them. She said he (the unpopular neighbor) used his front loader to make a trail on her property, and back to the creek. She suspects he is dumping animal manure in the creek.