Post your unpopular opinions

Can be anything you want

I will start

WWE is better than UFC

I hate white chocolate. It is not real, tastes like plastic.

(Now back to my Hershey bar)

Life can really suck (for me it’s not anyway).

I think everyone can agree on that, what is taboo is to say that it’s probably not worth living a fair amount of the time. Never understood the cowardice and selfishness arguments towards suicide. I’ve had friends and family members kill themselves and again maybe it’s because I have Aspergers that I was surprisingly unaffected emotionally added to the fact that I hate living myself.

I mean if your one of the lucky few attractive and wealthier people with few health problems and consider your life easier, then I can see why you’d live but for me…no thanks.

This second one will probably be more unpopular. I think that terrorism is sometimes justified against a nation and its people. I don’t necessarily believe the 9/11 hijackers were cowards even though some people thought they were for taking the “cowards” way out and not facing up to the consequences of their actions.

Problem with that is, how else would they have killed thousands of civilians without a suicide attack? Couldn’t hack commercial planes in 2001…:rolleyes:


The Star Wars prequels didn’t suck as much as the cool kids would have you believe.
Airline food on international flights isn’t bad.
Mom and Pop restaurants and stores are often worse than chains.

Alcohol is a horrific poison and we’d all be way better off if it were never invented.

Science fiction is, for the most part, bad science and bad fiction.

The Beatles never really did it for me.

That’s a non sequitur.

(1) Terrorism is sometimes justified against a nation.

Agreed, in principle. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

(2) The 9/11 hijackers were not cowards.

Sure, it takes conviction, courage and determination to do what they did. But just because a brave man is prepared to die for a cause does not make it a just cause. I’m sure many Nazi soldiers were brave men too. Bravery does not justify something.

If you think the 9/11 attacks were justified, present a case for that. You have made none.

Most of the “problems” in public education in the U.S. could easily be solved by somewhat stricter discipline, enforced from grades k-12. There should be administrators assigned to this solely, to ease teachers’ responsibilities in the matter.

Unpopular opinion? Maybe it isn’t anymore, but it used to be. Here it is: Van Halen sucks. Fuck those guys. Some of the crappiest music ever to violate my earspace.
What’s that? Eddie Van Halen is supremely talented? Yes he is. And Van Halen sucks.

Great name for a band.

I don’t have a good argument because it’s just an opinion. Not one I share in real life anymore for obvious reasons. Gotten a lot of flack from my parents who aren’t even Americans or lost anyone they knew on 9/11.

For whatever reason, I have an “admiration” for those 19 men. They made it into the history books as having changed the face of the US forever. They will be more memorable than I ever will.

Man oh man, I thought hating Van Halen was living on the edge!

do not feed.

No — that would be Aerosmith.

The same can be said for Martin Luther King. I trust you comprehend the difference?

Nobody really remembers anything about them as men. I can’t even remember a single one of their names. The one everyone will remember is Bin Laden.

I don’t think we should let the thread get derailed by my one opinion. I know it seems quite “edgy” but honestly I believe it.

I agree, it’s a hijack.