Unpopular opinions

Big bang theory was better than friends

What are your unpopular opinions?

This will probably get moved to Cafe Society since it will be mostly pop culture but here’s my recent one:

I liked Batman v Superman.

Most commercial music, 99% at least, including popular music and film music, will be of absolutely no lasting value to the world. It is shallow, vapid crap for the most part and will rightly be heaped into history’s dustbin.

you ask about opinions but state facts. I agree.:smiley:

My unpopular opinion?

The idea that its actually OKAY to have an unpopular opinion.

The very notion either give most people these days the vapors, has them frothing at the mouth typing on the internet, or gathering torches and pitchforks.

That’s your idea of an unpopular opinion?

So far it’s 3:0 in favor of BBT.
And the opinion that it’s an unpopular opinion is an unpopular opinion, so far 2:1 against.

Oops, I missed rsat3acr.
Make that 4:0 and 3:1 respectively.

That one needs to be connected to the internet every waking moment and smart phones are a boon to mankind.

Pretty much every little thing we do, including things we do when completely alone and no one can see us, does have an impact on the society we live in, and by extension, the world at large.

Username/post. :slight_smile:

The Something Awful forums are better than The Straight Dope message board.

That young people should be allowed to roam freely across lawns.

That rock and roll music will catch on.

Mainly because they are yanking your chain with blatantly false moniker :slight_smile:

I suppose my most unpopular opinion would be that while I agree that abortion should remain legal, actually having one is, in most circumstances, a selfish act and deeply wrong.

That members of the armed forces are neither risking their lives nor defending our freedom.

That as much as reasonably possible you should give people the benefit of the doubt and start from the presumption they’ve arrived at their opinions honestly and in good faith. When someone voices a subjective opinion, lobbing an unfalsifiable accusation of bigotry at them poisons the discussion and sets back the advancement of progressive values.

Obviously there are times when it’s okay to make judgments (I’m not going to bother to engage in a discussion of civil rights with someone in a white hood), but I’m saddened by how easy it is for many of my peers to throw off statements along the lines of “the only reason you hold that subjective opinion is because you’re sexist/racist/homophobic/bigoted.”

Dogs are better than cats. :smiley:


Ridley Scott is overrated.