Postcard Swap - 2004 ?

About 9 years ago there was a postcard sharing 'event, where where members PM’d their postal addresses to other members and we all sent postcards to each other.

I can neither find the thread where we discussed this nor see any PMs from back then. Does anyone here remember this? I just found a bunch of postcards and would love to share them with the original senders.

Respectfully submitted for your perusal.

You’re searching skills outmatch mine (though the 120 wait between searches never makes it easy) :slight_smile:

Thanks Earl. I’ll take a look at the thread and PM some people to see if they’re still alive !
Would bumping that thread lead to it being closed? Not sure of the rules around reviving such an old thread.

Just start a new thread and link to it.

What he said. You never know, people might want to do that again. :slight_smile:

We did one last summer!

I was going to participate, but I didn’t have any 2004 postcards left.

If I buy just three more, then I will have 2004 postcards.

I do indeed remember the thread and the exchange. I sent No Clue Boy a postcard of a warped and twisted Eiffle Tower. I also told him what was a secret at the time – that Zeldar and I are married. That was fun for me! That may be the only postcard that I sent from my trip to Paris.