The Great 2012 SDMB Summer Postcard Exchange!

Hi, everyone,

Last year, we had fun with the 2011 Summer Postcard Exchange (well, except for the little uncertainties caused by postal unpleasantness in Canada However, PM Harper took care of that for us, God bless’im.).

melodyharmonius ran it last year, but unfortunately she’s MIA, so I’ve decided to organise it this year.

Here’s how it works. If you want to get three, (3), count’em, 3! postcards from witty and intelligent Dopers from around the world, just sign up here, and send me a PM with your real-life name and postal address. (You know, post - you put a stamp on it, put it in a post box, a postie will pick it up and deliver it - I’m sure if you’ve forgotten how to do it, it will come back to you.)

Cut-off date for signing up for the first round is Saturday, July 14th. I will take all the names and addresses received by PM by that date and will send out PMs to each of you with the names and addresses of the 3 Dopers to whom you will send postcards. I will try to ensure that everyone gets at least one postcard from someone from another country. (Offer depends on availability of world-wide Dopers signing up. No warranty of world-wide Dopers is offered, express or implied. Terms may vary depending on local laws.)

You then purchase 3 (three!) postcards which you want to share with other Dopers. Up to you what themes to select. Local colour is always good, especially if you’re sending it to a world-wide Doper. Bear in mind some Dopers may have small children, so nothing X-rated, please. Address them. Write a short message to the Doper who is going to be thrilled to hear from you. Get stamps and put them on the post card. Put the postcard in your local mail slot.

Deadline for posting your postcards is Monday, July 23rd. Please report back here as soon as you’ve posted them.

Constrain your soul in patience (this is particularly hard for some Dopers, I remember from the last thread). Soon, postcardy goodness will arrive in your mailbox.

Then, report back here that you’ve started receiving Doper postcards. Yay!

If all goes well, there may be another round in August. However, Dopers who sign up and then don’t carry through with postcards in Round 1 may find themselves exiled to the outer Pit rather than being allowed to sign up for Round 2. Decision on this point is left entirely to my sole, arbitrary discretion.

I’m in - PM sent. Thanks, Northern Piper!

The outer Pit? Man, that’s rough. :slight_smile:

Consider me in! PM on the way.

Oooh, count me in – I postcard swap profusely and would love to do so with Dopers too :slight_smile:

I am in!! :slight_smile:

PM on its way.

I’m in.

I still have poctcards left over from last year. :frowning:

PMd you earlier, but forgot to post. Thanks for organizing this!

I don’t read directions well either. :slight_smile: PM was sent yesterday, but didn’t post here. Thanks again!

I’m in! PM sent as well 'cos I read the instructions…:slight_smile:

Right - as of this morning, we’ve got eight Dopers signed up, with addresses received by pm:

Elendil’s Heir

Plus, of course, your humble servant - I will also be participating.

Break-down is 4 usian, and 4 world-wide Dopers.

Expression of interest posted by meenie7, but no pm with address received so far.

I like postcards! Sending PM momentarily.

Me, please. I’ll even contribute my new address! We’re moving this week! :eek:

It was fun last year, I’ll play again. :slight_smile:

The list is up to 11!

Elendil’s Heir
Northern Piper

And, the supply of world-wide Dopers is holding up nicely, almost a 50/50 split.

Still waiting for a postal address from meenie7.

I’m in!

Me, how did I miss this post? I’ll PM you shortly!

Last year, after I signed up…the exchange withered and died. I’d like to give it another shot, but …please dont hurt me if I kill the exchange again.

I’m in, so **raventhief **can’t claim killing rights

PM Sent

Lots of Postcards left from last year!

I found a stack of mine last weekend. I’m in!

Sent you my address, and I am in!