Postcards are arriving!!

kelli-belli’s writing initiative has born fruit.

I received a pleasant card from Sue Duhnym today.

A very pleasant card,except for the 21 fuckin’ smilies on the front of the blasted thing!

The inscription: Smiles. They’re for everyone.
Her post script: Except you!

I guess I’ll forgive her… Thanks, Sue!

A couple more dribbled in today!

First, Arnold Winkleried sent me a nude postcard of Julie Andrews (you just have to pretend she isn’t wearing her Mary Poppins duds)!

Second, from MaryAnneQ a Wisconsin postcard with the word “Boobs” in quotation marks on the reverse. Very provocative!

Thanks guys! But I’m not in trouble yet.

I’ll send you one!

Chief, what’s the lowdown on this postcard thing?

Give me a link or your address and I’d be glad to send you a postcard from Mile High country!

Or is this one of those UL’s where the dying kid is trying to get in to the Guiness Book of World Records for getting the most business cards?

[inteded smilie witheld]

Well, Chief. Of course, I’d be overjoyed to send you a postcard, too. But you try and find one of the damned things in Toledo. Ya see, postcards are usually bought by tourists, and we ain’t had one of those in Toodleydoo for over twenty years, and he only stopped 'cuz he thought Toledo was the Grass Capital of the World. You’ll just have to accept the wish for the act. I’m sure you’ll get over your great disappointment.

Chief, did the one I sent from Pakistan ever show up? Sorry, I don’t think it included any references to breasts, but then it didn’t have smilies either.

Naw, I’m not begging for cards, guys.

Kells tried to get some dopers to try to embarrass me by sending smilie adorned cards to the ship. I was just letting her know it was paying off.

Got one today from SmoothOperator!

Curiously, it has a photo of “The Carolina moon rising over the coast of some of the most tranquil and artistic scenery n the world.” Yet the card was “Made in Italy!”

My card is on its way. I hope I got that long address down ocrrectly. No smilies, either.

Yeah… right.

Sheesh…talk about an ingrate!

(pretend there’s a smiley here)

What can I say, we have to import our sunsets! snort
Glad you received the postcard.