Posting from Dire Straits

All that stands between me and total darkness is a dim candle and the light from my iPhone. I am wet covered in soot and half frozen. A nor’easter blew in knocked a tree onto a powerline and set fire to the woods on the steep hill outside my house. I fought the fire with a shovel as the embers blew in the biting wind until the fire department came. Then I had to use my tractor bucket to try to clear a path so the utility company could get to the tree. The hill is to steep so they need to come back with more equipment. So, I am sitting here, huddled by a candle, wet frozen and dirty, eating some sesame crackers for dinner while the wind howls and the rain flys horizontally.

Whn will the utility men come? I need scup of hot tea and a shower.

Will try to hold out, but hope is fading along with my iPhone battery.

Do you hear that, Balto? We’re needed boy! Harness up!

sending warm, dry, well fed thoughts your way…

Maybe you should wait inside your house? :confused:

You have the craziest life. Sending good vibrations your way.

Here I was thinking you were a a concert, and I was gonna barge in here like “Good for you, ya stinkin’ braggart!”

Hope things look up for you soon. hugs with oversized blanket

power company here. They just sent a truck down the hill. I don’t think it’s coming back. They appear to have little regard for their equipment.

Getting colder inside house.

Dude. You’ve got buzzards’ luck.

Hope things get worked out soon!

Could be worse.

Could be blimps.

another bigger truck going over hill to pull first one out. If they could see the terrain in daylight, I doubt they’d be doing this, but with all the wind and rain and dark, they just don’t seem to understand.

Big truck at top of hill deploying winch. Will run out now to offer useless advice and annoy utility workers.

But…but…but, the Phillies had it worse than you…

Winching attempt. Looks like truck rappelling up wet 60 degree grade. Went to take picture, they asked me not to. Safety regs.

Good luck, Scylla, though I think your username may have been prophetic.

They made it!

Heat, light and happiness now, then? :slight_smile: I hope so.

no. Noyhing like that. Their truck is unstuck though

power! Heat!


Safety regs? You mean like they’ll beat the shit out of you if you take pics of them being stupid?

Yay! I love happy endings!

Actually, I originally came here to ask if this thread was for real. It seems a little surreal. But since there’s a happy ending, I’m going with it. Yay for you! :slight_smile:

I thought you were going to tell us you got money for nothing, and chicks for free.

I’m glad the power’s back on!