Posting Impotence

I know that there was and probably still is a huge debate on who is the most prolific (what does that word mean anyway?) thread killer. To my (very limited) knowledge I am one of the few who are actually unable to get a response. I succeeded in writing a subject so boring that in a half hour, only two people even opened the thread.

This boy’s gotz skizillz

Just thought I’d let you know that actually only one person opened the thread, that first page view is always your own after the software redirects you to the thread after sumbitting.

How bout this? I started a thread (actually two threads) on this website. It merely provided the link and said what it was about. I think I got two replies to the second one, none to the first. Someone else had started the same thread a while before me on that website and got many replies.
Oh well, you say? People don’t reply to the same thread again? Well, less than a week ago ANOTHER thread was started on the same website, and it got many replies.
Not to mention the numerous other theards I have failed at and killed.

I feel very unloved right now.

Maybe it’s timing. Posting on high traffic days means threads drop to the second page quickly. I almost never open the second page.

I’m sorry, steeljaw and bouv, that you feel impotent and unloved. Here’s some Viagra and a hug. (Geez, that sounded phony even to me. Sorry.)

And Omni, that was cruel. :slight_smile:

I started a thread that had zero responses. It bothered me for awhile, but I got over it. Well, actually, I didn’t. I went off in a snit and didn’t post on anyone’s threads for several days, thinking “that’ll show 'em.” Talk about a lesson in humility! <slight sarcasm intended>