Posting one question across multiple forums?

Outta curiosity… are there any rules/etiquette/expectations about posting a question across multiple forums (fora???)?

I don’t mean posting a question in GQ and then, in spam-like fashion, posting “Hey, I have a question in GQ at this thread, please take a look!” across the other forums. I mean posting separately directed questions on a common topic in various forums and then adding links to the other forums in each thread.

I recently saw the movie The Passion of Ayn Rand. I’m not familiar with her work, so I have some questions. I’m curious about her philosophy (Forum=GQ), but I’m also interested in people’s opinion of her philosphy and if it’s had an influence on other Dopers (Forum=IMHO). And I have some thoughts on the movie; and Dopers in the know may have opinions on her books (Forum=Cafe Society).

Being ever thoughtful of my fellow Dopers, I would like to give people the opportunity to follow various conversation on that topic and express their thoughts on each ('specially since Ayn Rand is all the rage these days–:minor saracasm not worthy of the more cynical :rolleyes:: ). Okay, actually, it’s because I’m a selfish bastard and I want everyone to pay attention to me. (You don’t know me, but I think that last statement is worthy of :rolleyes: )

So… if I’m mature, articulate, thought-provoking, and above all, nicey-nice :D, is there a problem with this approach?

FYI: while I’m waiting for a response, I plan on doing some research of my own. So I may be more knowledged on the topic (her philosphy) in a couple of hours. So a GQ post may not be warranted. But the general question I’m posting here in ATMB still interests me.

Thanks in advance for your responses! I shall sing your praises :o

(yeah, I know that’s the :embarrasment: smiley, but if you heard me sing, you’d be embarrased for me.)

Well, “cross-posting” is the posting of an identical OP in more than one forum, and is officially a definite no-no.

But as for what you’re suggesting–rephrasing your question so as to fit the various forum descriptions and then including links to all your other rephrasings of the same question–my WAG would be that while it may not be exaaaaactly a no-no, still it would be annoying as hell, provoking reactions from other Dopers ranging from the relatively mild, “WTF?” to the more lethal and creative variations on, “Get a clue, willya?” You might even merit your own Pit thread for it.

So my advice to you would be–don’t.

Please. :wink:

The server is overtaxed as it is–why waste hamster-power on six or eight different versions of, “Hey, anybody else think Ayn Rand really rocks?”

Fair enough.

Thank you.

If you wwant to discuss a subject I would pick one forum and discuss it there. Usually the discussion will encompass the other aspects that also interest you.

The best approach would be to determine which forum would be best suited for all your questions and sub-questions. In this case, you want to talk about Ayn Rand. Seeing as she’s an author, you should post your thread in Cafe Society. Don’t worry about the forum being too restricted: should a huge debate develop about Ayn Rand’s theories and philosophies, an additional Great Debate can always be started. If the posts debating the underlying philosophy do not dominate the CS thread, then leaving it all in CS is cool too.

Thanks for checking with us first, we appreciate it.

A) Alway trust the Goose for she is wise in the ways of the Dope.

B) Any thread involving Ayn Rand’s philosophy will degenerate into “Her philosophy sucks” / “her philosophy rocks”, and then into"She sucked" / “She rocked” and then into “fascist” / “commie”. :wink: :smiley:


Ah, curses. The Swiss cannot be trusted. Here I am, typing out an elaborate response, and that sneaky Winkelried posts a quick misspelled oneliner to beat me to it.

'Course, he’s right too. :slight_smile:

Coldfire, Thanks for your suggestion (and you’re welcome for the “checking with us first”). I was leaning towards IMHO, but Cafe Society sounds fine with me. I will work my way there over the next hour or so.

Arnold, Thanks for your response as wwell.

Goose and Fenris, Here’s mud in your eyes. (I don’t know what they hell that means, I just like the phrase.)


Per Merrium and Webster, “fora” is an acceptable plural of “forum.”

My understanding is that the Fascists say “Fora”, and the Commies say “Forums”.

Or maybe it’s the other way around…