Posting practices you used to do but now avoid

There are some things I used to do on this board before realizing how annoyed some people get by them. Others are things I may have done when they were considered to be cool or at least tolerable, but have since been overdone and have run their course.

I used to get in a few “BAND NAME!” suggestions whenever someone wrote an unusual pairing of words. After reading some complaints about this I now refrain from this urge.

I no longer do follow-up posts to point out errors in the previous post I made unless the error changes the entire context of the message, or if it is to clarify something that I later realized seemed ambigious. I think most people will realize I am intelligent enough to write competently and I am bound to make a few mistakes now and then.

So, what posting sins will you confess to having committed in the past?

One line drive-bys.

I said “Hi Opal” once as the third item in a list. Once was enough.

I used to post the first wise-ass comment I could think up, even in General Questions, and have come to realize that that’s not such a good idea, so I wait until the question has, to my satisfaction, been answered; then I post the first wise-ass comment I can think up.

I don’t display my sig anymore. Seems to have gone out of style.

Typing directly into the “Your Reply:” window. I only did that briefly, and after having the hamsters eat a long post to GD, I have since learned to type all my responses into Notepad, then paste them into the reply window.

Except for short responses. Like this one.

“Signing” my posts with my name. Got used to doing it on other boards, but I read some complaints about people doing it here, so I stopped.

Using my sig, because no one else seems to anymore, plus I never think of it anyway.

Using…periods to separate…my thoughts.

I’m going to second the “Hi, Opal” aberration. I’ve done it a couple of times, but it’s horrendously overused.

Amp, there’s a way to link directly to an individual post in a thread.

Me toos!

I used to follow eunoia around, posting right after him, but I’ve stopped doing that now…

Look at just about everything that I did for the first several months… I’m surprised I wasn’t asked to leave the place.

I was an asshole without thinking about it, stupid posts, annoying rants, drive-bys, etc.

Thanks for putting up with me, I’ve been working on growing up a bit.

Tpyos, mianly.

Correcting people.

I haven’t dropped this habit yet, but I always preview my posts. Anything longer than one sentence gets previewed at least twice. Longer posts up to eight times. Seldom do I catch mistakes, though, and I would probably do fine with just once, if that.

On the other hand, I’ll often get to my second preview and realize that the post is far too stupid to live and abort it, so that’s good. :smiley:

I don’t use my sig as much as I used to. I also used to sign my posts, but quit that when it finally dawned on me that everyone’s names are already included. Not to mention that it made vanity searches impossible.

How would you lose your posts ?

I’m glad you and Sublight pointed this out. Sorry to appear clueless, but quite frankly I am. I’ve been happily signing my name as if my newbie status wasn’t already obvious from my post count. :smack:

Every once in a while I’d post while being angry. I always felt terrible afterward ended up writing an apology post within minutes of posting.

I also proofread my posts a little more closely.

[ul]:smiley: [sup]I got took to the Pit for one liners[/sup][sub]twice![/sub][/ul]