Posting practices you used to do but now avoid

[ul]:frowning: [sup]CURED ME![/sup][/ul]

I used to make atrocious spelling errers.

Starting series threads.

Oh wait


“One line drive-bys.”

Well, you shouldn’t be using your computer when you are driving.

I have changed in that I refuse to advise any patients but my own & shall remember this, when applying to posts:

“I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.”
Hippocratic Oath by Louis Lasagna, 1964

great debates: I don’t bother anymore.

For a brief moment early in my history here, I used to sign my posts with a brief comment. I think I did it about 3 times before I got annoyed with myself and quit.

–Bean, who doesn’t do that anymore, thank Og.

Hi Opal, and using my sig.

Typing out posts with a pencil held in my mouth. GD responses were taking too long.

I think that handy once visited The BBQ Pit and decided never to do that again. :wink:

So handy shrimps on the barbie these days?

The “Hi, Opal” thing. Although I never simply typed “Hi, Opal,” I occasionally included a little joke relating Opal to whatever the list was. I don’t do it anymore.

The sig line thing. I just don’t bother. I still sign my name out of habit (on other boards my name isn’t always the same as my username), but I suppose I could stop – I never realized people were annoyed by it.

:::not signing my name:::

I use to hit
the Enter Button about
every fourth word, turning
my posts into little
haikus. Coldfire told me
To stop doing it.

When I got here, I was much too nervous to post much. Then I got used to the place, and posted a lot. And I made self-congratulatory posting parties on 100, 200, 300, and 400 posts. Yeah, I suck. I don’t do that anymore, though.

And I’m the guy who did this (third to last post).

But I got better!

It wasn’t on this message board, and it was when I was like 15, but I used to lie. I mean, really. I would lie my ass off just so I could say something silly like, “I live in a town with 10 people living in it.” I stopped doing that after a while, though.

I did change one thing: Using smilies. Those things totally give away the underlying meaning of my statements. This tends to get me into a bit of trouble, of course.

I used to post the most amazingly dull, inane, boring, thread-killing responses.

Oh, wait.

I don’t know - I’m almost afraid to go back and look at my own idiocy sometimes. Why I’ve not been dragged kicking and screaming into The Pit yet, I’m not completely sure. I guess I’m just loveable.

Just so you know, I don’t plan to hang up my acerbic, smart-ass ways anytime soon :smiley:

" I think that handy once visited The BBQ Pit and decided never to do that again."

Nope. I gave up the Pit when I gave up childish things.

I switched off (actually, never switched on) the viewing of sigs. They started to annoy me.

I preview my posts more often.

I try not to talk about my view of drug use anymore, as it upsets some people and then upsets me too. I feel pretty bad after that, and regret ever starting them, and so now I don’t start them.

However, I think I still come across as annoying sometimes.

Shameless post-count padding, like posting to every poll and “What’s your favorite …” thread that came down the pike. When I had a double-digit post count, that seemed really important.

Oh, and posting while intoxicated. This new alcohol interlock for my keyboard has been a Godsend. :smiley:

Sometimes I posted while angry, which is not a good thing. I try to avoid doing that now, but occasionally I let one slip through and feel bad for it.