Posting to the wrong thread

Sometimes you’ll be reading a thread, and someone will post a reply that clearly was supposed to go somewhere else. Sometimes someone else will even answer them “Dude, I think you meant to post this in the xxxx thread.”
How does that happen? I’ve only ever hit the reply button or used the quick reply box at the bottom. Is there another method that some people use that leads to mis-placing your post?

Well some of us use multiple tabs- like I tend to open up all the threads I want to read from a topic “Cafe Society” and then I read through the various tabs and read each thread on my own time.

That can cause a problem where I reply to someone, and it’s been 20 mins since they had made a post and 2-3 people have beaten me to it.
Also, if there are multiple threads, or quotes, sometimes they’ll each get their own tabs at the end, and it is quite feasible for someone to get confused and type up a reply to one in the tab for another thread because all they saw was the empty box and didn’t look at the title again to be sure.

By the way, if you DO realize you’ve posted to the wrong thread, just report your own post and tell us where the post is intended to go. We can move it from one thread to another.