"Body is too similar to what you recently posted" :mad:

I wrote and posted something in the wrong forum. Whoops!

I hit “edit”, copied the whole post and changed it to “oops”.

Went to the correct form, found the thread I wanted, and hit “reply”. Pasted the post in, hit “post” and was told “Body is too similar to what you recently posted”. And there’s only an “OK” button. Discourse won’t allow me to re-post in the proper thread, even tho I deleted the body from the previous post.

This is, IMO, not a good feature for the board.

ETA: I was able to add text, post it and then delete the additional text. That doesn’t seem like anyone put a lot of thought into this “feature”; can it be disabled?

I’ve seen that on other board software platforms, it’s a kind of anti-double-post protection.

Why not just report your thread to the mods and ask them to move it? You’ll need to report it anyways so the mods can close/disappear your “oops” thread anyways. You’re just giving them more work to do this way.

And probably more of an anti-spam protection.

Or any level three posters, who can move your OP to the correct forum.

I’m a level three poster and when I mentioned to a moderator that we have the ability to re-categorize and rename threads/topics, was asked not to do either until I hear from the moderators. I think they’re trying to develop policy around the subject.

I am? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve re-read the OP in this thread several times now and I’m still unable to find the part where I said it was a new thread that I started where I found the “feature” in question.

Some people are not good at multi-tasking. Try to concentrate only on reading your OP. Read it sentence by sentence. After reading each sentence, stop for a minute and think about what that sentence is attempting to convey.

Gotcha – here’s why I interpreted your OP as referring to a new thread:

In my mind at least, a “forum” in this context is something like The Pit, About This Message Board, etc which implies you posted an OP

If you posted in the wrong existing topic I would have expected your phrasing to read, “I wrote and posted something in the wrong thread”.


Moderator Note

You’re not supposed to be able to do that, so if Discourse screwed up and gave you that ability, please do not use it.

We are investigating how to turn it off.

Moderator Note

Condescending posts like this have no place in ATMB. Don’t do this again.