SDmessage board interface criticism

I spend alot of time browsing message boards on the web and elsewhere. Yours seems to have given me the most trouble in finding the way to post.
I believe everytime one “posts” not replying to another thread, one is beginning a new thread. Your interface is the only one I have found that type of post a “new thread.”
This slight difference combined with the new thread button that is embedded in a banner type graphic with no button type delimiters leads a computer support professional like me to spend about a minute and a half to find the way to make my first ever post to your board. Being a support professional (who types pretty fast) I know how hard it is to install software, support it, and track its anomolies, so I don’t expect any changes to your board. Whom ever designed the interface has taken a risk that puts this message board in a special class all by itself, and suffers for its limited and meaningless uniqueness.
Thanks otherwise for the chance to post and a labyrithinly (?) entertaining site.

Whazzat, son? Speak up!

You’ll grow to love it, I promise.

Here’s a tip, though.

Lots of the regs are known to be vicious and do unspeakable terrors to those who first post in the pit.

Watch out!

Seriously, though, you’d probably enjoy MPSIMS or IMHO alot. In GQ, you can answer questions, and in GD you can talk Mac vs PC, if you wish. Have fun and enjoy yourself.


Umm, what would the third option be?

You are correct; you can reply to a previous thread, within said thread, or you can post a new one…what’s the issue here? Should there be a “post hyperspace pseudo-thread” button as well?


Since this is in the Pit and all: WTF are you talking about?

I think Mr. Whisper has been confused by the optional “post subject” line in VBulletin’s reply function. I was confused by it when they first made the switch from UBB to VB, as well.

Don’t worry about it, Mr. Whisper. Ya learn to ignore it. :slight_smile: Aside from that, there are very few immediately noticeable differences between this and a UBB. You’ll get used to it in no time.

I think he might also be complaining that the “new thread” button is somewhat hidden. The reason it is over on the left hand side rather than the right is so that the topic list page looks right for Netscape users.

Look here to see why I’ll take some of the credit/blame for that one. I love tooting my own horn.

Speaking as a computer professional of nearly 20 years experience myself, I found the SDMB to be very intuitive with UBB, and even easier with vBB. ::shrug:: YMMV.