Suggestion: icon for "threads I have posted in"

In addition to this board, I read the xkcd message boards, and one of the more useful features I found on it was the special icon it displays next to threads you have posted in, marked red when there are new replies. It makes it very easy to quickly find new posts in the discussions I’m participating in, and it would be nice if the SDMD supported it, too.

Does vBulletin support a similar feature, and if it does, would it be possible to put this on the to-do list?

Vox Imperatoris

Yes, it’s among the features we could implement.

In fact, we experimented with adding this feature for our users. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it seemed to be a serious drag on the boards. Very, very few people could use the boards at one time, and for those lucky few, the boards were excruciatingly slow. I know that people complain about the slowness of the boards now and then, but this was orders of magnitude worse.

It is extremely unlikely that we will turn this feature back on in the near future, as far as I know. I am a member of another vBulletin board that has this feature on, and it’s darn handy, but I think that we’re going to have to live without it on the SDMB for the foreseeable future.

Not as nifty but with similar functionality, you can just go to your User CP and there should be a list of all your subscribed threads, which should include all the threads you have posted to. That is my first stop when I come to the sdmb.