Suggestion: Thread Indexing and Categorization

This is just a suggestion to create a ‘Browse Threads’ button in each section of SDMB according to topic or category. I realize this is going to be a massive effort, but I think it would be worth it. There is just an incredible amount of information on many threads, and there are a lot of duplicate threads that just start because it’s easier to start a new topic than go back and look for an old one.

I have learned a lot from SDMB and I know it would be a much easier experience for me if I could just find what I’m looking for rather than randomly finding threads according to the date of the last reply.

Ain’t happening. TPTB won’t even support the effort to make petty changes.

We went through this the last time the board upgraded the vBulletin version, and most of the smilies got changed to the versions you see now. The current “roll-eyes” smiley was especially poorly received. But no amount of complaining by the users could convince them to simply re-install the old smiley images in place of the new ones. They just wouldn’t do it.

BTW, this probably belongs in ATMB.

Reported for forum change.


There is a sticky thread in the ATMB forum that shows how search the forum using google. I have found it very helpful.

Just curious: How many topics/categories do you think there might be?

I know the answer to this question of questions. What a great question by the way. The answer to your question is 7.

The Board has a search function that (allegedly) allows us to search by keywords. Shouldn’t we direct our disgruntlement toward getting that to work better?

Good luck with that, too.