Is there a "search" tool for the SDMB?

Sometimes I can forget about something I wanted to read or check on later. Is there a keyword search available for all the posts?


You can get there by clicking on the little globe-and-a-magnifying glass icon in the cluster of icons in the upper right-hand corner of your screen; it’s there on every SDMB page, including this “Post Reply” screen I’m looking at now.

Try to be somewhat sparing in your use of the search function though. Search back a few days or a few weeks rather than two years if you can; search by “Subject Only” rather than “Entire Message” if possible. Heavy use of the search function makes the SDMB server emit little electronic whimpers and occasional screams of cybernetic agony.

Also note that the default forum is “About This Message Board”; if you don’t manually select the forum you actually want to search, you won’t have any luck (unless you actually want to search ATMB).