Posts you are stealing

Inspired by don’t mind me, as quoted below. This thread is for posts you like enough to re-post, share with other, and shamelessly steal. Please share them here. We want them too. :smiley:

You have reminded me of my plan to steal this in all its glory.

Thank you!

I was going to paste it into the thread, but I see it’s already in your sig. :slight_smile:

This one is so true:

Misread title, saw who posted it and had to run and make sure Ted was still here.

Thanks for taking the initiative, Sunny Daze. I wanted to, but I realized I could only think of posts to steal were one already claimed by other thieves. Somehow second-hand theft seems… wrong.

I meant to tell you - I saw a dog that looked just like him yesterday. I almost stole that one! :skritches:!

Pshaw - steal away - sincerest form of flattery or some such. :wink:

I’ve tried Googling it and failed. So if someone knows the poster I’m talking about, please give him or her credit…

Not long ago a poster was making the point that not all opinions are equal and deserving of the same consideration in debate. They said something like, “If I claim the moon is made of rock and another person says it’s made of cheese, do we have a rich diversity of opinion, or is one of us just plain wrong?”

Ted is an Egg Sucking Hound.

I blame my wife.