Pot and Epilepsy

Could smoking pot cure or at least prevent Epilepsy seizures?

There is no cure for epilepsy. There are a lot of drugs to control it, but no cure for it. So, no, pot cannot cure epilepsy.

Will it control seizures? AFAIK, it has no seizure controlling properties that we’ve discovered. Even if it did, pot would seem to be a poor choice for controlling epilepsy. Medical control of seizure disorders requires a stable level of the drug in the bloodstream. That means a consistent dosage at consistent intervals less than the half-life of the drug. With pot, it would seem problematic to keep dosage consistent. If the half-life is 8 hours or less, dosage interval would also become an issue. In order to keep levels steady, you’d have to set your alarm and toke up in the middle of the night, and that’s just not a viable long-term strategy.

There is lots of ANECDOTAL evidence that is does, but not any controlled studies (which hardly seems surprising). Check out this site on patient ratings of self-medicating. It mentions that Cannabidiol shows more tendencies to prevent seizures than THC…which, in terms we can all understand means that gutter-weed (low-quality) looks like it will help more than hydroponic “Holy-f88k! that stuff is…where are the Doritos?” pot which contains a higher percentage of THC. (Note: THC breaks down into two main cannabinoids (Cannabidiol and Cannabitrial?) due to many things like age, sun, type of plant, etc. So good quality pot can have the useful stuff too, but you are gonna get high as a kite on it).

I have talked to people who use it for this purpose and they say that the side-effects (and cost) of legal medications are not nice. Thus they use pot. And after awhile of using the same stuff they can get their doses down so they are not ‘high’ all the time. Meaning they grow their own, they know its strength, so they have meassured how much it takes for a level of effectiveness after MUCH trial and error.

It seems to me that it is something that people might want to try to see if it works for them. As the long list of anti-seizure meds shows, not everything works for everyone (else everyone would be using the ONE that worked). Same with pot. Probably does something for some, but not everything for all.